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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: [evaluating The Impact Of A Hematinic Iron-rich Nutritional Supplement].
Author: Simões, M C
Moura, E C
Sgarbieri, V C
Figueiredo, D B
Abstract: A quasi-experimental epidemiological study was performed to evaluate the effect of a nutritional supplement made from bovine blood on human blood parameters. Healthy women who were neither pregnant nor breast-feeding were allocated to two groups: study (n=32) and control (n=17). Women in the study group received 0.5 mg of iron per day, while controls received placebo. Food intake frequency and side effects related to ferrous sulfate were recorded. A 24-hour dietary recall was performed every two weeks, and blood samples were collected to determine biochemical parameters. Compared to controls, the study group showed higher serum iron and iron retention capacity, lower calorie, protein, and vitamin C intake, and lower consumption of dairy products and fruit. Adjusted mean blood parameters were calculated using ANOVA. The output showed increased serum iron (p=0.009) and decreased iron retention capacity (p=0.031) at the end of the study. The results favor use of the product to treat iron deficiency anemia.
Subject: Adolescent
Analysis Of Variance
Dietary Supplements
Drug Evaluation
Erythrocyte Indices
Ferrous Compounds
Food Habits
Matched-pair Analysis
Nutrition Surveys
Single-blind Method
Citation: Cadernos De Saúde Pública. v. 15, n. 4, p. 871-81
Rights: aberto
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