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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Acute Ureteral Obstruction And Glomerulotubular Function In Rats.
Author: Dias, E P
Garcia, W E
Gontijo, J R
Homsi, E
Figueiredo, J F
Abstract: Urinary tract obstruction is a common cause of acute renal failure (ARF). During unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO) arteriolar vasoconstriction, increase in tubular pressure, and ultrafiltrate retrodiffusion occur. We studied renal function of rats with surgical UUO for 24 hr. After this period of UUO, the contralateral kidney was removed and the right ureter was deobstructed. The control uninephrectomized group consisted of normal rats submitted to left uninephrectomy (UNx). Functional studies were performed 12 and 24 hr, and 7 days after deobstruction and UNx. We measured creatinine clearance, and fractional excretion of sodium and lithium. Using conventional formulas we calculated fractional proximal and distal sodium reabsorption. Initially we observed a reduction in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) after deobstruction (12 and 24 hr). However, after 7 days, the GFR was significantly higher in deobstructed rats than in controls (340.3 +/- 18.3 vs. 286.4 +/- 9.3 microL/min/100 g, p < 0.01). The dry kidney weight was also increased in these rats. The fractional sodium excretion was increased in deobstructed rats, mainly in early studies (12 and 24 hr). Whereas fractional proximal reabsorption was reduced in both groups, the fractional distal reabsorption was significantly decreased in the deobstructed group compared to UNX controls (93.9 +/- 0.9 vs. 98.9 +/- 0.1% after 24 hr, p < 0.01). Our data showed that UUO influenced both glomerular and tubular functions. A salient finding was the overcorrection of GFR 7 days after deobstruction. The renal release of hormones and growth factors could mediate these alterations in renal function through their vascular, tubular, and proliferative actions.
Subject: Acute Kidney Injury
Analysis Of Variance
Disease Models, Animal
Glomerular Filtration Rate
Kidney Glomerulus
Kidney Tubules
Rats, Wistar
Ureteral Obstruction
Citation: Renal Failure. v. 19, n. 2, p. 325-33, 1997-Mar.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 1997
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