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2016Scattering Of Turbulent-jet Wavepackets By A Flexible Composite PlatePiantanida S.; Cavalieri A.V.G.; Wolf W.; Donadon M.; Jordan P.-Artigo de Evento
2016An Assessment Of The Fast Multipole Method Applied To A Vortex Sheet Roll-up ProblemRicciardi T.R.; Wolf W.R.; Bimbato A.M.-Artigo de Evento
2016Nonlinear Light-matter Interaction In Engineered Quantum Confined SemiconductorsPadilha L.A.-Artigo de Evento
2016Criteria For Analyzing The Quality Estimate Shake Using Two Different Impellers, "rushton Turbine" And "pbt 45"Oliveira E.C.M.; Silva M.O.M.; Nunhez J.R.; Ribeiro L.C.L.J.-Artigo de Evento
2016In-series Fiber Bragg Gratings And Multimode Interferometers For Sensing ApplicationsOliveira R.; Osório J.H.; Aristilde S.; Nogueira R.N.; Cordeiro C.M.B.-Artigo de Evento
2016Trailing-edge Scattering Of Spanwise-coherent StructuresSano A.; Nogueira P.A.S.; Cavalieri A.V.G.; Wolf W.R.-Artigo de Evento
2016Seed Conservation Methods And Evaluation Of Germination Rate In Baccharis Dracunculifolia Dc. (asteraceae)Santos C.D.L.; Figueira G.M.; Beiini C.M.B.-Artigo de Evento
2016Numerical Investigation Of Channel Flows With Emphasis On Coherent Structures And Turbulence AnisotropySchiavo L.A.C.A.; Wolf W.R.; Azevedo J.L.F.-Artigo de Evento
2016Teaching-learning Firewall Configuration Using A Visual Modeling Web Based Tool: The Sp2model And Its Application To Computer Science CourseSapia H.M.; Garcia R.E.; Olivete C.; Jr.; Pereira D.R.; Trevisani K.M.-Artigo de Evento
2016Medicinal And Aromatic Plant Collection Of Baccharis Dracunculifolia Dc. Germplasm BankBeiini C.M.B.; Zucchi M.I.; Bajay M.M.; Marques M.O.M.; Facanali R.; Vieira M.A.R.; Figueira G.M.; Haber L.L.-Artigo de Evento