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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2018Supervised bayesian source separation of nonlinear mixtures for quantitative analysis of gas mixturesMadrolle, Stéphanie; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Grangeat, Pierre; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2018A bayesian blind source separation method for a linear-quadratic modelMadrolle, Stéphanie; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Grangeat, Pierre; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2017Gaussian Processes for Source Separation in overdetermined Bilinear MixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Rivet, Bertrand; Ehsandoust, Bahram; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2019A second-order statistics method for blind source separation in post-nonlinear mixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Deville, Yannick; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian; Neves, Aline-Artigo
2014Source separation in chemical analysis: recent achievements and perspectivesDuarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Moussaoui, Said; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2015A sparsity-based method for blind compensation of a memoryless nonlinear distortion: application to ion-selective electrodesDuarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Suyama, Ricardo; Romis, Attux; Romano, João Marcos Travassos; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2017A joint second-order statistics and density matching-based approach for separation of post-nonlinear mixturesFantinato, Denis G.; Duarte, Leonardo T.; Zanini, Paolo; Rivet, Bertrand; Attux, Romis; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2016Nonlinear Blind Source Separation For Chemical Sensor Arrays Based On A Polynomial RepresentationAndo, Rafael Assato; Jutten, Christian; Rivet, Bertrand; Attux, Romis; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2016Blind source separation and feature extraction in concurrent control charts pattern recognition: novel analyses and a comparison of different methodsPelegrina, Guilherme Dean; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2017A novel blind source separation method based on monotonic functions and its application to ion-selective electrode arraysDuarte, Leonardo T.; Suyama, Ricardo; Attux, Romis; Romano, João Marcos T.; Jutten, Christian-Artigo