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2018Dealing with missing information in data envelopment analysis by means of low-rank matrix completionDuarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Mussio, Alex Pincelli; Torezzan, Cristiano-Artigo
2018Rank-order principal components. A separation algorithm for ordinal data explorationVigneron, Vincent; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2018Muticriteria decision making based on independent component analysis: a preliminary investigation considering the TOPSIS approachPelegrina, Guilherme Dean; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Romano, João Marcos Travassos-Artigo
2017On the sparsity-based identification and compensation of hammerstein systemsÁvila, Flávio Rainho; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Biscainho, Luiz W. P.-Artigo
Oct-2019Application of multi-objective optimization to blind source separationPelegrina, Guilherme Dean; Attux, Romis; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2015An overview of blind source separation methods for linear-quadratic and post-nonlinear mixturesDeville, Yannick; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli-Artigo
2014Source separation in chemical analysis: recent achievements and perspectivesDuarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Moussaoui, Said; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2015A sparsity-based method for blind compensation of a memoryless nonlinear distortion: application to ion-selective electrodesDuarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Suyama, Ricardo; Romis, Attux; Romano, João Marcos Travassos; Jutten, Christian-Artigo
2016Adaptive Multiple Subtraction: Unification And Comparison Of Matching Filters Based On The L(q)-norm And Statistical IndependenceBatany, Yves-Marie; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Donno, Daniela; Romano, João Marcos Travassos; Chauris, Hervé-Artigo
2016A Necessary And Sufficient Condition For The Blind Extraction Of The Sparsest Source In Convolutive MixturesBatany, Yves-Marie; Donno, Daniela; Duarte, Leonardo Tomazeli; Chauris, Hervé; Deville, Yannick; Romano, João Marcos Travassos-Artigo