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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Testing Lorentz Invariance And Cpt Conservation With Numi Neutrinos In The Minos Near Detector
Author: Adamson P.
Andreopoulos C.
Arms K.E.
Armstrong R.
Auty D.J.
Ayres D.S.
Baller B.
Barr G.
Barrett W.L.
Becker B.R.
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Escobar C.O.
Evans J.J.
Falk Harris E.
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Frohne M.V.
Gallagher H.R.
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Gran R.
Grashorn E.W.
Grossman N.
Grzelak K.
Habig A.
Harris D.
Harris P.G.
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Hatcher R.
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Hylen J.
Irwin G.M.
Ishitsuka M.
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James C.
Jensen D.
Kafka T.
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Ling J.
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Litchfield R.P.
Loiacono L.
Lucas P.
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Michael D.G.
Miller J.L.
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Pavlovic Z.
Pawloski G.
Pearce G.F.
Peck C.W.
Petyt D.A.
Pittam R.
Plunkett R.K.
Rahaman A.
Rameika R.A.
Raufer T.M.
Rebel B.
Reichenbacher J.
Rodrigues P.A.
Rosenfeld C.
Rubin H.A.
Sanchez M.C.
Saoulidou N.
Schneps J.
Schreiner P.
Shanahan P.
Smart W.
Sousa A.
Speakman B.
Stamoulis P.
Strait M.
Tagg N.
Talaga R.L.
Tavera M.A.
Thomas J.
Thompson J.
Thomson M.A.
Thron J.L.
Tinti G.
Tzanakos G.
Urheim J.
Vahle P.
Viren B.
Watabe M.
Weber A.
Webb R.C.
Wehmann A.
West N.
White C.
Wojcicki S.G.
Yang T.
Zois M.
Zhang K.
Zwaska R.
Abstract: A search for a sidereal modulation in the MINOS near detector neutrino data was performed. If present, this signature could be a consequence of Lorentz and CPT violation as predicted by the effective field theory called the standard-model extension. No evidence for a sidereal signal in the data set was found, implying that there is no significant change in neutrino propagation that depends on the direction of the neutrino beam in a sun-centered inertial frame. Upper limits on the magnitudes of the Lorentz and CPT violating terms in the standard-model extension lie between 10-4 and 10-2 of the maximum expected, assuming a suppression of these signatures by a factor of 10-17. © 2008 The American Physical Society.
Citation: Physical Review Letters. , v. 101, n. 15, p. - , 2008.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.151601
Date Issue: 2008
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