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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Development Of A Vibrofluidized Bed And Fluid-dynamic Study With Adipic Acid [desenvol Vimento De Um Leito Vibrofluidizado E Estudo Fluidodinâmico Utilizando àcido Adípico]
Author: Silva Moris V.A.
Rocha S.C.S.
Madeira L.E.
Abstract: The equipment consists of a transparent plexiglass tube of 0,10m inner diameter and height of 0,5m that allowed observation of particle movement. The fluidization behavior of adipic acid, particle diameter in the range of 75 - 600μm and density of 1340 kg/m 3, was investigated in presence of mechanical vibration. The amplitude of vibration was adjusted by means of a specially designed variable-eccentric arrangement (range of amplitude is 0-0.04m) and the frequency by an electric motor (0-2200rpm). The objective of this work is the development and building of a vibrofluidized bed and sampling system for the fluidynamic study of adipic acid. The application of the vibration is only through the gas distributor plate. The fluidynamic study of the vibrofluidized bed has been done through the fluidization curves for both systems, conventional and vibrated, with objective to verify the pressure drop variation with the initial bed height and vibration parameters (frequency and amplitude). The analysis of the experimental results obtained indicates a reduction in the bed pressure drop in vibrofluidized bed, as a consequence of the increase of amplitude and frequency of vibration. The reproduction of the distinct types of fluidization curves found for a vibrofluidized bed (VFB) indicated that the bed developed in this work has all the characteristics corresponding to a vibro-fluidizing regime.
Citation: Ciencia Y Engenharia/ Science And Engineering Journal. , v. 12, n. 1, p. 27 - 34, 2003.
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Date Issue: 2003
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