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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016Oxidative Mechanisms Of Biological Activity Of Low-intensity Radiofrequency RadiationYakymenko; I; Tsybulin; O; Sidorik; E; Henshel; D; Kyrylenko; O; Kyrylenko; S-Resenha
2016Pcp190 Satellite Dna In Paradoxical Frogs And Its Relationship With Sex Chromosome DifferentiationMattos; JV; Gatto; KP; Seger; KR; Lourenco; LB-Resenha
2016Cytogeography Of Psidium Cattleianum Sabine (myrtaceae)Machado; RM; Forni-Martins; ER-Resenha
2016Fourier Transform-infrared (ft-ir) Microspectroscopy Of Chromatin Dna From Valproic Acid-treated Hela CellsVeronezi; GMB; Felisbino; MB; Mello; MLS; Vidal; BC-Resenha
2016Vitamin A Supplementation For Postpartum WomenOliveira; JM; Allert; R; East; CE-Resenha
2016Glucose Level Of Culture Medium Affects The Response Of Hepg2 Cells Chromatin To Histone Deacetylase InhibitorsFelisbino; MB; da Costa; TA; Gatti; MSV; Mello; MLS-Resenha
2016Distribution Of Repetitive Dna Sequences In Seven Species Of The Plant Family Solanaceae JussMesquita; AT; da Cruz; MVR; Martins; ERF-Resenha
2016Reflexões sobre os conceitos de saúde e doença e suas implicações Instruções aos ColaboradoresCanesqui; Ana Maria-Resenha
2016Graphene Oxide: Strategies For Synthesis, Reduction And Frontier ApplicationsSingh; RK; Kumar; R; Singh; DP-Resenha
2016Organic Synthesis Enabled By Light-irradiation Of Eda Complexes: Theoretical Background And Synthetic ApplicationsLima; CGS; Lima; TD; Duarte; M; Jurberg; ID; Paixao; MW-Resenha
2016The Quality Of The Sweat Test Considering The Proportion Of Sodium And Chloride As Quality Parameter: Are We On The Right Way?Faria; AGFG; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; AF; Gomez; CCS; Servidoni; MD; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016One-year Follow-up Of Infants Hospitalized For Severe Acute Viral BronchiolitisAlvarez; AE; Marson; FAD; Santiago; J; Bertuzzo; CS; Arns; CW; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Genetic Variants Associated With Lung Function In Allergic AsthmaMarson; FADL; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; MAGD; Toro; AADC; de Araujo; TK; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Performance Of Infection/colonization Chronic Of The Lung In Cystic Fibrosis: A Genetic Model To Establish The Clinical VariabilityMarson; FAD; Bertuzzo; CS; Toro; ADC; Ribeiro; MAGD; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Reference Equations And Values For Impulse Oscillometry System (ios) In Brazilian Healthy Children And Adolescentsde Assumpcao; MS; Ribeiro; JD; Goncalves; RM; Martins; R; Bobbio; TG; Schivinski; CIS-Resenha
2016Severe Acute Viral Bronchiolitis In Infants: Clinical Features, Etiology And OutcomesAlvarez; AE; Marson; FAD; Santiago; J; Bertuzzo; CS; Arns; CW; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016A Negative Report To Modifier Genes Of The Cystic Fibrosis: The Case Of-173g > C Polymorphism In The Mif GeneMarson; FAD; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD; Marson; FAD-Resenha
2016Lung Function On Cystic Fibrosis: What Explains The Genetic?Marson; FAD; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; MAGD; Toro; AADC; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Isolation, Production And Culture Of Primary Epithelial Cells From Patient's Airways For The Testing Of New Drugs To Cystic Fibrosis TreatmentKmit; AHP; Moreira; J; Vinagre; A; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; AF; Amaral; MD-Resenha
2016Clinical Severity Of Cystic Fibrosis Conditioned By Rs1800482(-954g > C) Polymorphism In The Nos2 GenePereira; SVN; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD; Marson; FAD-Resenha