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2016The Political Solidarity Networks In Latin America [as Redes Políticas De Solidariedade Na América Latina]--Resenha
2016The Human And The Inhuman: Visual Culture, Political Culture, And The Images Produced By George Rodger And Henri Cartier-bresson In The Nazi Concentration Camps [o Humano E O Desumano: Cultura Visual, Cultura Política E As Imagens Feitas Por George Rodger E Henri Cartier-bresson Nos Campos De Concentração Nazistas]--Resenha
2016Musculoskeletal Analysis Of Masticatory System Arising From Malocclusion: Literature Review--Resenha
2016Antimicrobial Activity Of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles, And Silver Chloride Nanoparticles: An Overview And Comments--Resenha
2016Scientific Collaboration In Perspective Of Self-organized Systems: A Meta-theoretical Study [a Colaboração Científica Na Perspectiva Dos Sistemas Auto-organizados: Um Estudo Metateórico]--Resenha
2016The New Digital Music Business Models And The Attention Economy [os Novos Modelos De Negócio Da Música Digital E A Economia Da Atenção]--Resenha
2016Is Zonal Distribution Of Index Tumor Different In Radical Prostatectomies Comparing Whites Vs African-brazilians?Billis; A; Freitas; LLL; Costa; LBE; de Angelis; CM; Carvalho; KR; Rocha; RM; Bastos; LQA; Oliveira; GLP; Asato; MA; Aragjo; KS; Losada; DM; Herculiani; AP-Resenha
2016Game And Education: The Toy LibrariesGrillo; RD; Prodocimo; E-Resenha
2016Laser Ablation And Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Focusing On Bioimaging From Elemental Distribution Using Matlab Software: A Practical GuidePessoa; GD; Capelo-Martinez; JL; Fdez-Riverola; F; Lopez-Fernandez; H; Glez-Pena; D; Reboiro-Jato; M; Arruda; MAZ-Resenha
2016Language And Identity In Englishes.Rajagopalan; K-Resenha
2016Graphene Oxide: Strategies For Synthesis, Reduction And Frontier ApplicationsSingh; RK; Kumar; R; Singh; DP-Resenha
2016Influence Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms In Wheezing After Acute Viral BronchiolitisAlvarez; AE; Marson; FAD; Santiago; J; Bertuzzo; CS; Arns; C; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Volumetric Capnography As A Ventilatory Evaluation Instrument In Children And Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis, Submitted To A Six Minutes Submaximal Stress TestParazzi; PLF; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; MAGD; Schivinski; CIS; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Achromobacter Xylosoxidans Pulmonary Infection In Patients With Cystic Fibrosis: Epidemiology And Antimicrobial Resistance In 12 Years Of Follow-up In A Reference CenterMauch; RM; Aiello; TB; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD; Levy; CE-Resenha
2016Comparison Of Chloride Concentration In Saliva And Sweat Of Patients Referred To The Neonatal Screening Clinic Hospital De Clinicas - UnicampGoncalves; AC; Morcillo; AM; Ap Lomazi; E; Ribeiro; JD; Levy; CE; Ribeiro; AF-Resenha
2016Evaluation Of Risk Factors Associated To The Level Control And Severity Of Asthma In Children And AdolescentsMatsunaga; NY; Ribeiro; MAGD; Goncalves; ED; Morcillo; AM; Ribeiro; JD; Toro; AADC-Resenha
2016Bhalla, Kanga And Shwachman-kulczycki Score On Cystic Fibrosis: A Look By The Modifier GenesMarson; FAD; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; MAGD; Toro; AADC; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Follow Up Clinical Data From Cystic Fibrosis Patients Diagnosed By Newborn ScreeningGuirau; RR; Lomazi; EA; Ribeiro; AF; Neogueira; RJN; Ribeiro; JD; Goncalves; AC-Resenha
2016Il-8 Gene: A Potential Modifier Gene Of Cystic Fibrosis SeverityFurlan; LL; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; JD; Bertuzzo; CS; Salomao; JB; de Souza; DRS-Resenha
2016Early Diagnosis Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Chronic Pulmonary Infection In Patients With Cystic Fibrosis By A Serological TestMauch; RM; Rossi; CL; Aiello; TB; Levy; CE-Resenha