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1999Long-term nitric oxide inhibition and chronotropic responses in rat isolated right atriaZanesco, A.; Antunes, E.; Barker, L.A.; De Luca, I.M.S.; De Nucci, G.; Riado, S.R.-Artigo
2003Upregulation of muscarinic receptors by long-term nitric oxide inhibition in the rat ileumDe Luca, I.M.; Teixeira, S.A.; Bricola, A.A.; Muscara, M.N.; Abdala, F.M.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E.; Porto, C.S.-Artigo
2002Chronotropic response of beta-adrenergic-, muscarinic-, and calcitonin gene-related peptide-receptor agonists in right atria from neonatal capsaicin-treated ratsGasparetti, A.L.; Priviero, F.B.M.; Hyslop, S.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Costa, S.K.P.-Artigo
2007Reactivity of mesenteric and aortic rings from trained rats fed with high caloric dietMoraes, C. de; De Nucci, G.; Camargo, E.A.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2007Protective effect of prior physical conditioning on relaxing response of corpus cavernosum from rats made hypertensive by nitric oxide inhibitionPriviero, F.B.M.; Antunes, E.; Claudino, M.A.; Camargo, E.A.; Teixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2011Exercise training ameliorates the impairment of endothelial and nitrergic corpus cavernosum responses in diabetic ratsClaudino, M.A.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.; Delbin, M.A.; Zanesco, A.; Priviero, F.B.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2008Influence of acute pancreatitis on the in vitro responsiveness of rat mesenteric and pulmonary arteriesCamargo, E.A.; Landucci, E.C.T.; Ferreira, T.; Zanesco, A.; Delbin, M.A.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
2007Vascular effects of long-term propranolol administration after chronic nitric oxide blockadePriviero, F.B.M.; Teixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.; Claudino, M.A.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2004Atypical beta-adrenoceptor subtypes mediate relaxations of rabbit corpus cavernosumTeixeira, C.E.; De Nucci, G.; Baracat, J.S.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2004Negative chronotropic response to adenosine receptor stimulation in rat right atria after run trainingPriviero, F.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2013The renin-angiotensin system plays a major role in voiding dysfunction of ovariectomized ratsAnhe, G.F.; Calmasini, F.B.; Muscara, M.N.; Teixeira, S.A.; Ramos, A.C.S.; Faria, J.A.; Monica, F.Z.; Gontijo, J.A.R.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
1998Activation by phoneutria nigriventer spider venom of autonomic nerve fibers in the isolated rat heartNathan, L.P.; Costa, S.K.P.; Hyslop, S.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.; Brain, S.D.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2004Improvement in relaxation response in corpus cavernosum from trained ratsClaudino, M.A.; Teixeira, C.E.; Priviero, F.B.M.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2006Vasorelaxing effects of propranolol in rat aorta and mesenteric artery: a role for nitric oxide and calcium entry blockadePriviero, F.B.M.; Toque, H.A.F.; De Nucci, G.; Teixeira, C.E.; Claudino, M.A.; Zanesco, A.; Antunes, E.; Webb, R.C.-Artigo
1-Sep-2011Influence of eNOS gene polymorphism on cardiometabolic parameters in response to physical training in postmenopausal womenEsposti, R.D.; Sponton, C.H.G.; Malagrino, P.A.; Carvalho, F.C.; Peres, E.; Puga, G.M.; Novais, I.P.; Albuquerque, D.M.; Rodovalho, C.; Bacci, M.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo de periódico
2012Interaction between serotoninergic-and beta-adrenergic receptors signaling pathways in rat femoral arteryDelbin, M.A.; Silva, A.S.; Antunes, E.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2007Influence of physical preconditioning on the responsiveness of rat pulmonary artery after pulmonary ischemia/reperfusionMussi, R.K.; De Nucci, G.; Camargo, E.; Moraes, C.; Antunes, E.; Delbin, M.A.; Zanesco, A.-Artigo
2003Enhanced airways responsiveness in rats depleted of sensory neuropeptides by neonatal capsaicin treatmentDe Nucci, G.; Zanesco, A.; Medeiros, M.V.; Bricola, A.A.O.; De Luca, I.M.S.; Antunes, E.-Artigo
1999Modulation of coronary flow and cardiomyocyte size by sensory fibersDe Luca, I.M.S.; Costa, S.K.P.; Oliveira, C.F. de; Zanesco, A.; Nathan, L.P.; Antunes, E.; Riado, S.R.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2008Exercise training reduces pulmonary ischaemia-reperfusion-induced inflammatory responsesCamargo, E.A.; Ferreira, T.; Mussi, R.K.; Brancher, S.; Antunes, E.; De Moraes, C.; Delbin, M.A.; Zanesco, A.; Landucci, E.C.T.; Toro, I.F.C.-Artigo