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2014Tnfα Contributes For Attenuating Both Y397fak And Y416src Phosphorylations In OsteoblastsCavagis A.D.M.; Takamori E.R.; Granjeiro J.M.; Oliveira R.C.; Ferreira C.V.; Peppelenbosch M.P.; Zambuzzi W.F.-Artigo de periódico
2009Ascorbate-induced Osteoblast Differentiation Recruits Distinct Mmp-inhibitors: Reck And Timp-2Zambuzzi W.F.; Yano C.L.; Cavagis A.D.M.; Peppelenbosch M.P.; Granjeiro J.M.; Ferreira C.V.-Artigo de periódico
2011Biological Behavior Of Pre-osteoblasts On Natural Hydroxyapatite: A Study Of Signaling Molecules From Attachment To DifferentiationZambuzzi W.F.; Ferreira C.V.; Granjeiro J.M.; Aoyama H.-Artigo de periódico
2008Ferruginol Suppresses Survival Signaling Pathways In Androgen-independent Human Prostate Cancer CellsBispo de Jesus M.; Zambuzzi W.F.; Ruela de Sousa R.R.; Areche C.; Santos de Souza A.C.; Aoyama H.; Schmeda-Hirschmann G.; Rodriguez J.A.; Monteiro de Souza Brito A.R.; Peppelenbosch M.P.; den Hertog J.; de Paula E.; Ferreira C.V.-Artigo de periódico
2008Cytotoxicity Of Goniothalamin Enantiomers In Renal Cancer Cells: Involvement Of Nitric Oxide, Apoptosis And Autophagyde Fatima A.; Zambuzzi W.F.; Modolo L.V.; Tarsitano C.A.B.; Gadelha F.R.; Hyslop S.; Carvalho J.E.d.; Salgado I.; Ferreira C.V.; Pilli R.A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Osteoblast Adhesion Dynamics: A Possible Role For Ros And Lmw-ptpFernandes G.V.O.; Cavagis A.D.M.; Ferreira C.V.; Olej B.; De Souza Leao M.; Yano C.L.; Peppelenbosch M.; Granjeiro J.M.; Zambuzzi W.F.-Artigo de periódico