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2001RNA relocation and persistence of nucleolus-like bodies at mitosis in benzo[a]pyrene-transformed human breast epithelial cells after microcell-mediated transfer of chromosomes 11 and 17Mello, Maria Luiza S.; Lareef, Mohamed H.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Russo, Jose-Artigo
2003Nuclear phenotypes and morphometry of human secretory prostate cells: a comparative study of benign and malignant lesions in Brazilian patientsTaboga, Sebastião R.; Dos Santos, Adriana B.; Gonzatti, Adriana G. R.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
2011Spatial distribution of AT- and GC-rich DNA within interphase cell nuclei of Triatoma infestans KlugAlvarenga, Elenice M.; Mondin, Mateus; Martins, James A.; Rodrigues, Vera L.C.C.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Rincones, Johana; Carazzolle, Marcelo F.; Andrade, Larissa Mara; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
2000Restriction enzyme analysis of DNA methylation in "condensed" chromatin Ha-ras-transformed NIH 3T3 CellsMello, Maria Luiza S.; Chambers, Ann F.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Planding, Wolfgang; Schenck, Ulrich-Artigo
2007Dna content and chromatin texture of human breast epithelial cells transformed with 17-β-estradiol and the estrogen antagonist ICI 182,780 as assessed by image analysisMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Russo, Irma H.; Lareef, Mohamed H.; Russo, Jose-Artigo
200717-β-Estradiol affects nuclear image properties In MCF-10F human breast epithelial cells with tumorigenesisMello, Maria Luiza S.; Russo, Patricia; Russo, Jose; Vidal, Benedicto C.-Artigo
2014Analysis of the DNA Fourier transform-infrared microspectroscopic signature using an all-reflecting objectiveMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, Benedicto C.-Artigo