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1995Modulation of ras transformation affecting chromatin supraorganization as assessed by image analysisMello, Maria Luiza S.; Contente, Sara; Vidal, B. C.; Planding, W.; Schenck, U.-Artigo
1974Chromosome connective filaments : DNA and RNA syntheses and macromolecular stereo-arrangementAlmeida, J. C.; Vidal, B. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1979Computerized discrimination of Feulgen-DNA doubling classes on insect diploid and polyploid nuclei using a scanning spot of 1μm X 0.5 μm SizeMello, M. L. S.; Vidal, B. C.-Artigo
1973Anisotropic properties of toluidine blue-stained collagenMello, M. L. S.; Vidal, B. C.-Artigo
1996Apoptosis: identification by a critical electrolyte concentration methodVidal, B. C.; Barbisan, L. F.; Maria, S. S.; Russo, J.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
2005Supramolecular order following binding of the dichroic birefringent sulfonic dye Ponceau SS to collagen fibersVidal, B. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1974Anisotropy and isoelectrical point determinations on collagen bundles of the rat periodontal fibersMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, B. C.; Valdrighi, L.-Artigo
1979The salivary gland secretions of a neotropical bumblebeeMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, B. C.-Artigo
1982Metachromasia and anisotropy of polytene chromosomes subjected to a c-banding isopropanol treatmentRecco-Pimentel, Shirlei M.; Mello, M. L. S.; Vidal, B. C.-Artigo
2012Changes in the infrared microspectroscopic characteristics of DNA caused by cationic elements, different base richness and single-stranded formMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, B. C.-Artigo