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2019Towards enhanced n-butanol production from sugarcane bagasse hemicellulosic hydrolysate : strain screening, and the effects of sugar concentration and butanol toleranceZetty-Arenas, Ana Maria; Alves, Rafael Ferraz; Freixo Portela, Carla Andreia; Mariano, Adriano Pinto; Basso, Thiago Olitta; Tovar, Laura Plazas; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Freitas, Sindelia-Artigo
2020Surrogate-model-based, particle swarm optimization, and genetic algorithm techniques applied to the multiobjective operational problem of the fluid catalytic cracking processCuadros Bohorquez, Jose F.; Tovar, Laura Plazas; Wolf Maciel, Maria Regina; Melo, Delba C.; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2018Resolving mismatches in the flexible production of ethanol and butanol from eucalyptus wood with vacuum fermentationAssumpção, Daniel de Castro; Rivera, Elmer Alberto Ccopa; Tovar, Laura Plazas; Ezeji, Thaddeus Chukwuemeka; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Mariano, Adriano Pinto-Artigo
2018Prediction of overall glucose yield in hydrolysis of pretreated sugarcane bagasse using a single artificial neural network: good insight for process developmentTovar, Laura Plazas; Rivera, Elmer Ccopa; Mariano, Adriano Pinto; Maciel, Maria Regina Wolf; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2020Challenges to levulinic acid and humins valuation in the sugarcane bagasse biorefinery conceptLopes, Emília Savioli; Silva, Jean Felipe Leal; Rivera, Elmer Ccopa; Gomes, Alana Petrina; Lopes, Melina Savioli; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Tovar, Laura Plazas-Artigo
2020Kinetic insights into the lignocellulosic biomass-based levulinic acid production by a mechanistic modelLopes, Emilia Savioli; Rivera, Elmer Ccopa; de Jesus Gariboti, Julio Cesar; Zimmermann Feistel, Luis Henrique; Dutra, Joao Vitor; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Tovar, Laura Plazas-Artigo
2018Concept of rice husk biorefining for levulinic acid production integrating three steps: Multi-response optimization, new perceptions and limitationsFleig, Olivia Paniz; Lopes, Emilia Savioli; Rivera, Elmer Ccopa; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Tovar, Laura Plazas-Artigo
2015Determination of enzyme (cellulase from trichoderma reesei) kinetic parameters in the enzymatic hydrolysis of H2so4-catalyzed hydrothermally pretreated sugarcane bagasse at high-solids loadingTovar, Laura Plazas; Lopes, Emilia Savioli; Wolf Maciel, Maria Regina; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo