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2004Synthesis, spectroscopy, tandem mass spectrometry, and electrochemistry of the linearly bridged mu-{trans-1,4-bis[2(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]-benzene}-{Ru3O(CH3COO)(6)(py)(2)}(2) clusterToma, SH; Nikolaou, S; Tomazela, DM; Eberlin, MN; Toma, HE-Artigo de periódico
2005A highly efficient redox chromophore for simultaneous application in a photoelectrochemical dye sensitized solar cell and electrochromic devicesNogueira, AF; Toma, SH; Vidotti, M; Formiga, ALB; de Torresi, SIC; Toma, HE-Artigo de periódico
2005Synthesis, properties and gas phase collision-induced dissociation of the heptanuclear doubly bridged complex [Ru(bpy)(2)(BPE)(2){Ru3O(CH3COO)(6)(py)(2)}(2)](PF6)(4)Toma, HE; Nikolaou, S; Eberlin, MN; Tomazela, DM-Artigo de periódico
2005Study of the spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of tetraruthenated porphyrins by theoretical-experimental approachMayer, I; Formiga, ALB; Engelmann, FM; Winnischofer, H; Oliveira, PV; Tomazela, DM; Eberlin, MN; Toma, HE; Araki, K-Artigo de periódico
2005Supramolecular conformational effects in the electrocatalytic properties of electrostatic assembled films of meso(3-and 4-pyridyl) isomers of tetraruthenated porphyrinsMayer, I; Eberlin, MN; Tomazela, DM; Toma, HE; Araki, K-Artigo de periódico
2005A nitric oxide releaser based on the mu-oxo-hexaacetate-bis(4-methylpyridine)triruthenium nitrosyl complexToma, HE; Alexiou, ADP; Formiga, ALB; Nakamura, M; Dovidauskas, S; Eberlin, MN; Tomazela, DM-Artigo de periódico
2005Conduction and photoelectrochemical properties of monomeric and electropolymerized tetraruthenated porphyrin filmsWinnischofer, H; Formiga, ALB; Nakamura, M; Toma, HE; Araki, K; Nogueira, AF-Artigo de periódico
2013On the behavior of the carboxyphenylterpyridine(8-quinolinolate) thiocyanatoruthenium(II) complex as a new black dye in TiO2 solar cells modified with carboxymethyl-beta-cyclodextrinBonacin, JA; Toma, SH; Freitas, JN; Nogueira, AF; Toma, HE-Artigo de periódico
2006Electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry of polymetallic mu-oxo- and carboxylate-bridged [Ru3O(CH3COO)(6)(Py)(2)(L)](+) complexes: Intrinsic ligand (L) affinities with direct access to steric effectsEberlin, MN; Tomazela, DM; Araki, K; Alexiou, ADP; Formiga, ALB; Toma, HE; Nikolaou, S-Artigo de periódico
2004Electrospray mass and tandem mass spectrometry of homologous and isomeric singly, doubly, triply and quadruply charged cationic ruthenated meso-(phenyl)(m)-(meta- and para-pyridyl)(n) (m+n=4) macrocyclic porphyrin complexesTomazela, DM; Gozzo, FC; Mayer, I; Engelmann, RM; Araki, K; Toma, HE; Eberlin, MN-Artigo de periódico