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2015Application Of Laser Microdissection Icp-ms For High Resolution Elemental Mapping In Mouse Brain Tissue: A Comparative Study With Laser Ablation Icp-ms.Sussulini, Alessandra; Becker, J Sabine-Artigo de periódico
2010Metallomics Studies Of Human Blood Serum From Treated Bipolar Disorder Patients.Sussulini, Alessandra; Kratzin, Hartmut; Jahn, Olaf; Banzato, Claudio E Muller; Arruda, Marco A Zezzi; Becker, Johanna Sabine-Artigo de periódico
2010Metalloproteomics As An Interdisciplinary Area Involving Proteins And Metals.da Silva, Marcelo A O; Sussulini, Alessandra; Arruda, Marco A Z-Artigo de periódico
2011Apolipoprotein A-i As A Candidate Serum Marker For The Response To Lithium Treatment In Bipolar Disorder.Sussulini, Alessandra; Dihazi, Hassan; Banzato, Claudio Eduardo Muller; Arruda, Marco Aurelio Zezzi; Stühmer, Walter; Ehrenreich, Hannelore; Jahn, Olaf; Kratzin, Hartmut D-Artigo de periódico
2009Metabolic Profiling Of Human Blood Serum From Treated Patients With Bipolar Disorder Employing 1h Nmr Spectroscopy And Chemometrics.Sussulini, Alessandra; Prando, Alessandra; Maretto, Danilo Althmann; Poppi, Ronei Jesus; Tasic, Ljubica; Banzato, Cláudio Eduardo Muller; Arruda, Marco Aurélio Zezzi-Artigo de periódico
2007Microwave-assisted Decomposition Of Polyacrylamide Gels Containing Metalloproteins Using Mini-vials: An Auxiliary Strategy For Metallomics Studies.Sussulini, Alessandra; Garcia, Jerusa Simone; Arruda, Marco Aurélio Zezzi-Artigo de periódico
2015Laser Ablation Icp-ms: Application In Biomedical Research.Sussulini, Alessandra; Becker, Julia Susanne; Becker, Johanna Sabine-Artigo de periódico
2016Analytical Approaches For Lipidomics And Its Potential Applications In Neuropsychiatric Disorders.Sethi, Sumit; Hayashi, Mirian A; Sussulini, Alessandra; Tasic, Ljubica; Brietzke, Elisa-Artigo de periódico
2017Lipid mapping by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry in a murine breast DMBA carcinogenesis modelRenno, Andre Lisboa; Alves-Junior, Marcos; Schwab, Nicolas Vilczaki; Eberlin, Marcos Nogueira; Schenka, Andre Almeida; Sussulini, Alessandra-Artigo
2019Validation of an analytical method for the determination of the main ayahuasca active compounds and application to real ayahuasca samples from BrazilSouza, Rita C.Z.; Zandonadi, Flávia S.; Freitas, Donizete P.; Tófoli, Luís F.F.; Sussulini, Alessandra-Artigo
2019Metabolômica microbiana: inovações e aplicaçõesBelinato, Joao Raul; Bazioli, Jaqueline Moraes; Sussulini, Alessandra; Augusto, Fabio; Fill, Taicia Pacheco-Artigo
2018Sodium caseinate-corn starch hydrolysates conjugates obtained through the Maillard reaction as stabilizing agents in resveratrol-loaded emulsionsConsoli, Larissa; Dias, Ramonita A.O.; Rabelo, Renata S.; Furtado, Guilherme F.; Sussulini, Alessandra; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Hubinger, Míriam Dupas-Artigo