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2018The impact of O-glycan chemistry on the stability of intrinsically disordered proteinsPrates, Erica T.; Guan, Xiaoyang; Li, Yaohao; Wang, Xinfeng; Chaffey, Patrick K.; Skaf, Munir S.; Crowley, Michael F.; Tan, Zhongping; Beckham, Gregg T.-Artigo
2018A promiscuous cytochrome P450 aromatic O-demethylase for lignin bioconversionMallinson, Sam J.B.; Machovina, Melodie M.; Silveira, Rodrigo L.; Garcia-Borràs, Marc; Gallup, Nathan; Johnson, Christopher W.; Allen, Mark D.; Skaf, Munir S.; Crowley, Michael F.; Neidle, Ellen L.; Houk, Kendall N.; Beckham, Gregg T-Artigo
2014Supramolecular interactions in secondary plant cell walls: effect of lignin chemical composition revealed with the molecular theory of solvationSilveira, Rodrigo L.; Stoyanov, Stanislav R.; Gusarov, Sergey; Skaf, Munir S.; Kovalenko, Andryi-Artigo
2014Molecular dynamics simulations of family 7 cellobiohydrolase mutants aimed at reducing product inhibitionSilveira, Rodrigo L.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
1-Sep-2002Collision-Induced Effects on the Dielectric Properties of Liquid DimethylsulfoxideVechi, Sérgio M.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo de periódico
2020Adsorption of CO2 and CH4 in MIL-47 investigated by the 3D-RISM molecular theory of solvationGavazzoni, Cristina; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
2016Directed Discovery Of Greener Cosolvents: New Cosolvents For Use In Ionic Liquid Based Organic Electrolyte Solutions For Cellulose DissolutionGale, Ella; Wirawan, Remigius H.; Silveira, Rodrigo L.; Pereira, Caroline S.; Johns, Marcus A.; Skaf, Munir S.; Scott, Janet L.-Artigo
2012Mode of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma Activation by LuteolinPuhl, Ana C.; Bernardes, Amanda; Silveira, Rodrigo L.; Yuan, Jing; Campos, Jessica L. O.; Saidemberg, Daniel M.; Palma, Mario S.; Cvoro, Aleksandra; Ayers, Stephen D.; Webb, Paul; Reinach, Peter S.; Skaf, Munir S.; Polikarpov, Igor-Artigo de periódico
2012Medium Chain Fatty Acids Are Selective Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) gamma Activators and Pan-PPAR Partial AgonistsLiberato, Marcelo Vizona; Nascimento, Alessandro S.; Ayers, Steven D.; Lin, Jean Z.; Cvoro, Aleksandra; Silveira, Rodrigo L.; Martinez, Leandro; Souza, Paulo C. T.; Saidemberg, Daniel; Deng, Tuo; Amato, Angela Angelica; Togashi, Marie; Hsueh, Willa A.; Phillips, Kevin; Palma, Mario Sergio; Neves, Francisco A. R.; Skaf, Munir S.; Webb, Paul; Polikarpov, Igor-Artigo de periódico
2012Enzyme Microheterogeneous Hydration and Stabilization in Supercritical Carbon DioxideSilveira, Rodrigo L.; Martinez, Julian; Skaf, Munir S.; Martinez, Leandro-Artigo de periódico
2018Concerted motions and large-scale structural fluctuations of trichoderma reesei Cel7AcellobiohydrolaseSilveira, Rodrigo L.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
1-Mar-2004A review on the dynamics of waterSonoda, Milton T.; Moreira, Ney H.; Martínez, Leandro; Favero, Frank W.; Vechi, Sérgio M.; Martins, Lucimara R.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo de periódico
2016Charmm Force Field Parameterization Of Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma LigandsMottin, Melina; Souza, Paulo C. T; Ricci, Clarisse G.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
2015Molecular recognition of PPARγ by kinase Cdk5/p25: insights from a combination of protein–protein docking and adaptive biasing force simulationsMottin, Melina; Souza, Paulo C. T; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
2018TLR4 recruitment into lipid rafts studied by coarse grained MD simulationSouza, Paulo C.T.; Wassenaar, Tsjerk A.; Skaf, Munir S.; Marrink, Siewert J.-Outros documentos
Sep-2019Crystallographic structure and molecular dynamics simulations of the major endoglucanase from Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris shed light on its oligosaccharide products release patternPuhl, Ana C.; Prates, Erica T.; Rosseto, Flávio R.; Manzine, Livia R.; Stankovic, Ivana; Araújo, Simara S. de; Alvarez, Thabata M.; Squina, Fábio M.; Skaf, Munir S.; Polikarpov, Igor-Artigo
2016Allosteric pathways in the PPARγ-RXRα nuclear receptor complexRicci, Clarisse G.; Silveira, Rodrigo L.; Rivalta, Ivan; Batista, Victor S.; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo
2011Mapping the intramolecular vibrational energy flow in proteins reveals functionally important residuesMartínez, Leandro; Figueira, Ana C. M.; Webb, Paul; Polikarpov, Igor; Skaf, Munir S.-Outro documento
2010Structural modeling of high-affinity thyroid receptor-ligand complexesAraujo, Alexandre Suman de; Martínez, Leandro; Nicoluci, Ricardo de Paula; Skaf, Munir S.; Polikarpov, Igor-Artigo
2008Only subtle protein conformational adaptations are required for ligand binding to thyroid hormone receptors: simulations using a novel multipoint steered molecular dynamics approachMartínez, Leandro; Polikarpov, Igor; Skaf, Munir S.-Artigo