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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2005A Methodology To Quantify The Impact Of Uncertainties In The History Matching Process And In The Production ForecastMaschio C.; Schiozer D.J.; Moura Filho M.A.B.-Artigo de evento
2005Integration Of History Matching And Uncertainty AnalysisSchiozer D.J.; Almeida Netto S.L.; Ligero E.L.; Maschio C.-Artigo de periódico
2005A Methodology For The Optimisation Of Heavy Oil Production StrategiesMartini R.F.; Cavalcante Filho J.S.A.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2009Methodology To Compare Smart And Conventional WellsSchiozer D.J.; Da Silva J.P.Q.G.-Artigo de evento
1993Effect Of Chokes On Simultaneous Simulation Of Reservoir And Surface FacilitiesSchiozer D.J.; Aziz K.-Artigo de periódico
2014Evaluation Of Different Types Of Operation For Inflow-control-valves Based On Production And Reservoir DataBarreto C.E.A.G.; Botechia V.E.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2014Application Of Assisted Optimization To Aid Oil Exploitation Strategy Selection For Offshore FieldsGaspar A.T.F.S.; Barreto C.E.A.G.; Munoz Mazo E.O.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2014Use Of Emulator Methodology For Uncertainty Reduction QuantificationFerreira C.; Vernon I.; Schiozer D.J.; Goldstein M.-Artigo de evento
2014Analysis Of Inflow-control-valves Shutdown Effects In Well Production And EconomicsBotechia V.E.; Barreto C.E.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2014Improvement Of Pressure And Saturation Estimations From 4d Seismic Supported By Flow Simulation DataCorreia G.G.; Davolio A.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2008Use Of Representative Models To Improve The Decision Making Process Of Chemical Flooding In A Mature FieldCosta A.P.A.; Schiozer D.J.; Moczydlower P.; Bedrikovetsky P.-Artigo de evento
2008Methodology For Production Histry Matching Of Petroleum Fields Utilizing Logging Saturation DataGrecco C.B.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2007Study Of Sweep Efficiency Of Water Injection Under Fracturinq-conditions ProcessMunoz Mazo E.O.; Moreno J.M.M.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2012Risk Analysis Speed-up With Surrogate ModelsAmorim T.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2013A New Procedure To Reduce Uncertainties In Reservoir Models Using Statistical Inference And Observed DataMaschio C.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de periódico
2012Impact Of The Future Exploration And Oil Production In The Brazilian Energy MatrixDias Marques J.B.; Avansi G.D.; Trevisan O.V.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2012A Model For The Estimation Of The Impacts Of System Availability On Cumulative Oil Production And Economic ReturnDe Carvalho M.H.; Costa Lima G.A.; Ravagnani A.T.G.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2012Royalty And Tax Versus Production-sharing Petroleum Fiscal Models: An Analysis Of Risk And Return Of The Optimal Production Strategy Applied In BrazilGaspar Ravagnani A.T.F.S.; Costa Lima G.A.; Barreto C.E.A.G.; Munerato F.P.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2012Comparative Analysis Of Optimal Oil Production Strategy Using Royalty & Tax And Production Sharing Petroleum Fiscal ModelsGaspar Ravagnani A.T.F.S.; Costa Lima G.A.; Barreto C.E.A.G.; Munerato F.P.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento
2012Evaluation On Explicit Coupling Between Reservoir Simulators And Production SystemVon Hohendorff Filho J.C.; Schiozer D.J.-Artigo de evento