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2017Brazilian green propolis extracts obtained by conventional processes and byprocesses at high pressure with supercritical carbon dioxide, ethanol andwaterMonroy, Yaneth M.; Rodrigues, Rodney A. F.; Rodrigues, Marili V. N.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Silva, Beatriz S.; Cabral, Fernando A.-Artigo
20181H NMR combined with chemometrics tools for rapid characterization of edible oils and their biological propertiesSantos, Jânio Sousa; Escher, Graziela Bragueto; Pereira, Jean Marcos da Silva; Marinho, Marina Tolentino; Prado-Silva, Leonardo do; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Dutra, Lívia Macedo; Barison, Andersson; Granato, Daniel-Artigo
2015Foamy polystyrene trays for fresh-meat packaging: life-cycle inventory data collection and environmental impact assessmentIngrao, Carlo; Giudice, Agata Lo; Bacenetti, Jacopo; Khaneghah, Amin Mousavi; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Rana, Roberto; Siracusa, Valentina-Artigo
2017Modeling of byssochamys nivea and neosartorya fischeri inactivation in papaya and pineapple juices as a function of temperature and soluble solids contentSouza, Poliana B. A.; Poltronieri, Keilane F.; Alvarenga, Veronica O.; Granato, Daniel; Rodriguez, Angie D. D.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Pena, Wilmer E. L.-Artigo
2017Influence of production on the presence of patulin and ochratoxin A in fruit juices and wines of ArgentinaOteiza, Juan M.; Khaneghah, Amin M.; Campagnollo, Fernanda B.; Granato, Daniel; Mahmoudi, Mohammad R.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Gianuzzi, Leda-Artigo
2018Diversity and fate of spore forming bacteria in cocoa powder, milk powder, starch and sugar during processing: a reviewPereira, Ana Paula Maciel; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2018Whey-grape juice drink processed by supercritical carbon dioxide technology: physical properties and sensory acceptanceAmaral, Gabriela V.; Silva, Eric Keven; Costa, Ana Letícia R.; Alvarenga, Verônica O.; Cavalcanti, Rodrigo N.; Esmerino, Erick A.; Guimarães, Jonas T.; Freitas, Monica Q.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Moraes, Jeremias; Silva, Marcia C.; Meireles, M. Angela A.; Cruz, Adriano G.-Artigo
2018Sources and contamination routes of microbial pathogens to freshproduce duringfield cultivation: a reviewAlegbeleye, Oluwadara Oluwaseun; Singleton, Ian; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2020Modeling the inactivation of lactobacillus brevis DSM 6235 and retaining the viability of brewing pitching yeast submitted to acid and chlorine washingMunford, Allan R. G.; Chaves, Rafael D.; Granato, Daniel; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2018Deoxynivalenol and its masked forms: characteristics, incidence, control and fate during wheat and wheat based products processing - a reviewKhaneghah, Amin Mousavi; Martins, Ligia M.; Hertwig, Aline M. von; Bertoldo, Rachel; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2018Combining reformulation, active packaging and non-thermal post-packaging decontamination technologies to increase the microbiological quality and safety of cooked ready-to-eat meat productsHorita, Claudia N.; Baptista, Rafaela C.; Caturla, Magdevis Y. R.; Lorenzo, Jose Manuel; Barba, Francisco J.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2020From grape to wine: fate of ochratoxin A during red, rose, and white winemaking process and the presence of ochratoxin derivatives in the final productsFreire, Luísa; Braga, Patrícia A.C.; Furtado, Marianna M.; Delafiori, Jeany; Dias-Audibert, Flávia L.; Pereira, Giuliano E.; Reyes, Felix G.; Catharino, Rodrigo R.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2018Campylobacter: an overview of cases, occurrence in food, contamination sources and antimicrobial resistance in BrazilSilva, Willian Cruzeiro; Targino, Brenda Neres; Mendonça, Regina Santos; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Hungaro, Humberto Moreira-Artigo
Jun-2019A comparison of dynamic tertiary and competition models for describing the fate of listeria monocytogenes in Minas fresh cheese during refrigerated storageCadavez, Vasco A.P.; Campagnollo, Fernanda B.; Silva, Rosicléia A.; Duffner, Clara M.; Schaffner, Donald W.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Gonzales-Barron, Ursula-Artigo
2018Thermal inactivation kinetics of paenibacillus sanguinis 2301083PRC and clostridium sporogenes JCM1416MGA in full and low fat “requeijão cremoso”Oliveira, Rodrigo B. A.; Baptista, Rafaela C.; Chincha, Alexandra A. I. A.; Conceiçao, Deborah A.; Nascimento, Janaina S.; Costa, Leonardo E. O.; Cruz, Adriano G.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2018Occurrence, populations, diversity, and growth potential of spore-forming bacteria in “requeijão cremoso”Oliveira, Rodrigo B. A.; Lopes, Letícia S.; Baptista, Rafaela C.; Chincha, Alexandra A. I. A.; Portela, Jéssica B.; Nascimento, Janaina S.; Costa, Leonardo E. O.; Cruz, Adriano G.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2020Interactions between probiotics and pathogenic microorganisms in hosts and foods: a reviewKhaneghah, Amin Mousavi; Abhari, Khadijeh; Eş, Ismail; Soares, Mariana B.; Oliveira, Rodrigo B. A.; Hosseini, Hedayat; Rezaei, Mohammad; Balthazar, Celso F.; Silva, Ramon; Cruz, Adriano G.; Ranadheera, C. Senaka; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2017Sporeforming bacteria in beer: occurrence, diversity, presence of hop resistance genes and fate in alcohol-free and lager beersMunford, Allan R. G.; Alvarenga, Veronica O.; Prado-Silva, Leonardo do; Crucello, Aline; Campagnollo, Fernanda B.; Chaves, Rafael D.; Oteiza, Juan M.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2017Estimation of growth parameters of six different fungal species for selection of strains to be used in challenge tests of bakery productsSantos, Juliana L. P.; Chaves, Rafael D.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.-Artigo
2016Assessing the effect of washing practices employed in brazilian processing plants on the quality of ready-to-eat vegetablesMaffei, Daniele F.; Alvarenga, Veronica O.; Sant’Ana, Anderson S.; Franco, Bernadette D. G. M.-Artigo