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2020Influence of the flow rate in an automated microfluidic electronic tongue tested for sucralose differentiationBraunger, M. L.; Fier, I.; Shimizu, F. M.; de Barros, A.; Rodrigues, V.; Riul, A.-Artigo
20183D printed e-tongueGaal, G.; Silva, T. A. da; Gaal, V.; Hensel, R. C.; Amaral, L. R.; Rodrigues, V.; Riul, A.-Artigo
2018Automated self-assembly and electrical characterization of nanostructured filmsHensel, R. C.; Rodrigues, K. L.; Pimentel, V. D.; Riul, A.; Rodrigues, V.-Artigo
2019Enhanced mobility and controlled transparency in multilayered reduced graphene oxide quantum dots: a charge transport studyJimenez, M. J. M.; de Oliveira, R. F.; Bufon, C. C. B.; Pereira-da-Silva, M. A.; Rodrigues, V.; Gobbi, A. L.; Piazzetta, M. H. O.; Alvarez, F.; Cesar, C. L.; Riul, A.-Artigo
2020Microfluidic mixer with automated electrode switching for sensing applicationsBraunger, M. L.; Fier, I.; Rodrigues, V.; Arratia, P. E.; Riul, A.-Artigo
2020Mechanical properties of diamond schwarzites: from atomistic models to 3D-printed structuresFelix, L. C.; Gaál, V.; Woellner, C. F.; Rodrigues, V.; Galvao, D. S.-Artigo
2020Dielectric permittivity and surface charge density in layer-by-layer poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride)/poly(styrenesulfonate) nanostructured films: implications for biosensingHensel, R. C.; Pereira-da-Silva, M. A.; Riul Jr., A.; Rodrigues, V.-Artigo
2020Monitoring the dispersion and agglomeration of silver nanoparticles in polymer thin films using localized surface plasmons and Ferrell plasmonsHensel, R. C.; Moreira, M.; Riul Jr., A.; Oliveira, O. N.; Rodrigues, V.; Hillenkamp, M.-Artigo
2014New experimental setup for metallic clusters production based on hollow cylindrical magnetron sputteringDomingues, A.; Sa, T. de; Toshiyuki, V.; Oiko, A.; Di Domenicantonio, G.; Rodrigues, V.-Artigo
2017Charge carrier transport in defective reduced graphene oxide as quantum dots and nanoplatelets in multilayer filmsJimenez, M. J. M.; Oliveira, R. F.; Almeida, T. P.; Ferreira, R. C. H.; Bufon, C. C. B.; Rodrigues, V.; Pereira-da-Silva, M. A.; Gobbi, A. L.; Piazzetta, M. H. O.; Riul Jr., A.-Artigo
2017Microfluidic electronic tongue applied to soil analysisBraunger, M. L.; Shimizu, F. M.; Jimenez, M. J. M.; Amaral, L. R.; Piazzetta, M. H. de; Gobbi, A. L.; Magalhães, P. S. G.; Rodrigues, V.; Oliveira Jr., O. N.; Riul Jr., A.-Artigo
2019New zero poisson's ratio structuresGaal, V.; Rodrigues, V.; Dantas, S. O.; Galvao, D. S.; Fonseca, A. F.-Artigo
20193D-printed graphene electrodes applied in an impedimetric electronic tongue for soil analysisSilva, T. A. da; Braunger, M. L.; Coutinho, M. A. N.; Amaral, L. R. do; Rodrigues, V.; Riul, A.-Artigo