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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2015Image Phylogeny Through Dissimilarity Metrics FusionMelloni A.; Bestagini P.; Milani S.; Tagliasacchi M.; Rocha A.; Tubaro S.-Artigo de evento
2008Automatic Produce Classification From Images Using Color, Texture And Appearance CuesRocha A.; Hauagge D.C.; Wainer J.; Goldenstein S.-Artigo de evento
2008The Unseen Challenge Data SetsRocha A.; Goldenstein S.; Scheirer W.; Boult T.-Artigo de evento
2013Classifier Selection Based On The Correlation Of Diversity Measures: When Fewer Is MoreFaria F.A.; Dos Santos J.A.; Sarkar S.; Rocha A.; Torres R.D.S.-Artigo de evento
2012Retinal Image Quality Analysis For Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy DetectionPires R.; Jelinek H.F.; Wainer J.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2012Open Set Source Camera AttributionDe O. Costa F.; Eckmann M.; Scheirer W.J.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2012Automatic Tracking Of Indoor Soccer Players Using Videos From Multiple CamerasMorais E.; Goldenstein S.; Ferreira A.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2012Searching For People Through Textual And Visual AttributesFabian J.; Pires R.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2009Difficult Detection: A Comparison Of Two Different Approaches To Eye Detection For Unconstrained EnvironmentsScheirer W.J.; Rocha A.; Heflin B.; Boult T.E.-Artigo de evento
2009Multi-class From Binary: Divide To ConquerRocha A.; Goldenstein S.-Artigo de evento
2009High-profile Forensic Analysis Of ImagesGoldenstein S.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2011Alchornea Glandulosa Ethyl Acetate Fraction Exhibits Antiangiogenic Activity: Preliminary Findings From In Vitro Assays Using Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial CellsLopes F.C.M.; Rocha A.; Pirraco A.; Regasini L.O.; Siqueira J.R.; Silva D.H.S.; Bolzani V.S.; Carlos I.Z.; Soares R.-Artigo de periódico
2011Machine Learning And Pattern Classification In Identification Of Indigenous Retinal PathologyJelinek H.F.; Rocha A.; Carvalho T.; Goldenstein S.; Wainer J.-Artigo de evento
2012Data Fusion For Multi-lesion Diabetic Retinopathy DetectionJelinek H.F.; Pires R.; Padilha R.; Goldenstein S.; Wainer J.; Bossomaier T.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2006A Linear-time Approach For Image Segmentation Using Graph-cut MeasuresFalcao A.X.; Miranda P.A.V.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2007Pr: More Than Meets The EyeRocha A.; Goldenstein S.-Artigo de evento
2007Progressive Randomization For SteganalysisRocha A.; Goldenstein S.-Artigo de evento
2014Recod At Mediaeval 2014: Violent Scenes Detection TaskAvila S.; Moreira D.; Perez M.; Moraes D.; Cota I.; Testoni V.; Valle E.; Goldenstein S.; Rocha A.-Artigo de evento
2014Advancing Bag-of-visual-words Representations For Lesion Classification In Retinal ImagesPires R.; Jelinek H.F.; Wainer J.; Valle E.; Rocha A.-Artigo de periódico
2013Imaging At 0.2 And 2.5 TerahertzMelo A.M.; Toledo M.A.P.; Maia F.C.B.; Rocha A.; Plotegher M.B.; Pereira D.; Cruz F.C.-Artigo de evento