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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2013Toward Image Phylogeny Forests: Automatically Recovering Semantically Similar Image Relationships.Dias, Zanoni; Goldenstein, Siome; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo de periódico
2018Data-driven multimedia forensics and securityRocha, Anderson; Li, Shujun; Kuo, C. -C. Jay; Piva, Alessandro; Huang, Jiwu-Editorial
2020Detecting face presentation attacks in mobile devices with a patch-based CNN and a sensor-aware loss functionAlmeida, Waldir R.; Andaló, Fernanda A.; Padilha, Rafael; Bertocco, Gabriel; Dias, William; Torres, Ricardo da S.; Wainer, Jacques; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2014A framework for selection and fusion of pattern classifiers in multimedia recognitionFaria, Fabio A.; Santos, Jefersson A. dos; Rocha, Anderson; Torres, Ricardo-Artigo
2014Multiclass from binary: expanding one-versus-all, one-versus-one and ECOC-based approachesRocha, Anderson; Goldenstein, Siome Klein-Artigo
2014Visual words dictionaries and fusion techniques for searching people through textual and visual attributesFabian, Junior; Pires, Ramon; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2014Open set source camera attribution and device linkingCosta, Filipe de O.; Silva, Ewerton; Eckmann, Michael; Scheirer, Walter J.; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2014Rank aggregation for pattern classifier selection in remote sensing imagesFaria, Fabio A.; Pedronette, Daniel C. G.; Santos, Jefersson A. dos; Rocha, Anderson; Torres, Ricardo da S.-Artigo
2015Peer-selected "best papers" - are they really that "good"?Wainer, Jacques; Eckmann, Michael; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2015Automated multi-lesion detection for referable diabetic retinopathy in indigenous health carePires, Ramon; Carvalho, Tiago; Spurling, Geoffrey; Goldenstein, Siome; Wainer, Jacques; Luckie, Alan; Jelinek, Herbert F.; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2015Large-scale learning for media understandingRocha, Anderson; Scheirer, Walter J.-Editorial
2015Mid-level image representations for real-time heart view plane classification of echocardiogramsPenatti, Otávio A. B.; Wenerck, Rafael de O.; Almeida, Waldir R. da; Stein, Bernardo V.; Pazinato, Daniel V.; Mendes Júnior, Pedro R.; Torres, Ricardo da S.; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2014Recod at mediaeval 2014: violent scenes detection taskAvila, Sandra; Moreira, Daniel; Perez, Maurício; Moraes, Daniel; Cota, Isabela; Testoni, Vanessa; Valle, Eduardo; Goldenstein, Siome; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2016From Impressionism To Expressionism: Automatically Identifying Van Gogh's PaintingsFolgeo, Guilherme; Gomes, Otavio; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2018Image splicing detection throuch illumination inconsistencies and deep learningPomari, Thales; Ruppert, Guilherme; Rezende, Edmar; Rocha, Anderson; Carvlaho, Tiago-Artigo
2018Data-fusion techniques for open-set recognition problemsCórdova Neira, Manuel Alberto; Mendes Júnior, Pedro Ribeiro; Rocha, Anderson; Torres, Ricardo da Silva-Artigo
2019Ensemble of multi-view learning classifiers for cross-domain iris presentation attack detectionKuehlkamp, Andrey; Pinto, Allan; Rocha, Anderson; Bowyer, Kevin W.; Czajka, Adam-Artigo
2017Spotting the difference: context retrieval and analysis for improved forgery detection and localizationBrogan, Joel; Bestagini, Paolo; Bharati, Aparna; Pinto, Allan; Moreira, Daniel; Bowyer, Kevin; Flynn, Patrick; Rocha, Anderson; Scheirer, Walter-Artigo
2017A kinect-based wearable face recognition system to aid visually impaired usersNeto, Laurindo Britto; Grijalva, Felipe; Maike, Vanessa Regina Margareth Lima; Martini, Luiz Cesar; Florencio, Dinei; Baranauskas, Maria Cecilia Calani; Rocha, Anderson; Goldenstein, Siome-Artigo
2018Leveraging ontologies and machine-learning techniques for malware analysis into Android permissions ecosystemsNavarro, Luiz C.; Navarro, Alexandre K. W.; Grégio, André; Rocha, Anderson; Dahab, Ricardo-Artigo