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2016Clarification and concentration of oligosaccharides from artichoke extract by a sequential process with microfiltration and nanofiltration MembranesHubinger, M. D.; Pastore, G. M.; Machado, M. T. C.; Trevisan, S.; Pimentel-Souza, J. D. R.-Artigo
2016Solid lipid microparticles produced by spray chilling technique to deliver ginger oleoresin: structure and compound retentionOriani, V. B.; Alvim, I. D.; Consoli, L.; Molina, G.; Pastore, G. M.; Hubinger, M. D.-Artigo
2020Chemical composition and physicochemical characterization for cabbage and pineapple by-products flour valorizationBrito, T. B. N.; Pereira, A. P. A.; Pastore, G. M.; Moreira, R. F. A.; Ferreira, M. S. L.; Fai, A. E. C.-Artigo
2017Manufacture of requeijão cremoso processed cheese with galactooligosaccharideBelsito, P. C.; Ferreira, M. V. S.; Cappato, L. P.; Cavalcanti, R. N.; Vidal, V. A. S.; Pimentel, T. C.; Esmerino, E. A.; Balthazar, C. F.; Neto, R. P. C.; Tavares, M. I. B.; Zacarchenco, P. B.; Freitas, M. Q.; Silva, M. C.; Raices, R. S. L.; Pastore, G. M.; Pollonio, M. A. R.; Cruz, A. G.-Artigo
2018Monitoring of biosurfactant production by Bacillus subtilis using beet peel as culture medium via the development of a neural soft-sensor in an electronic spreadsheetSantos, B. F. dos; Simiqueli, A. P. R.; Ponezi, A. N.; Pastore, G. M.; Fileti, A. M. F.-Artigo
2014Freeze-dried powdered yacon: effects of FOS on serum glucose, lipids and intestinal transit in the elderlyScheidt, M. M. A.; Genaro, P. S.; Moreno, Y. M. F.; Pastore, G. M.-Artigo
2015Effect of galactooligosaccharide addition on the physical, optical, and sensory acceptance of vanilla ice creamBalthazar, C. F.; Silva, H. L. A.; Celeguini, R. M. S.; Santos, R.; Pastore, G. M.; Conte Junior, C. A.; Freitas, M. Q.; Nogueira, L. C.; Silva, M. C.; Cruz, A. G.-Artigo
2014Fungal growth promotor endophytes: a pragmatic approach towards sustainable food and agricultureRathod, D.; Dar, M.; Agarkar, G.; Marostica, M. R.; Rai, M.; Pastore, G. M.; Brestic, M.-Artigo