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2020C-shaped canals in mandibular molars of a brazilian subpopulation: prevalence and root canal configuration using cone-beam computed tomographyNejaim, Yuri; Gomes, Amanda Farias; Rosado, Lucas de Paula Lopes; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz; Martins, Jorge N. R.; Silva, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal da-Artigo
2020Artifact expression of polylactic acid/hydroxyapatite/graphene oxide nanocomposite in CBCT: a promising dental materialNejaim, Yuri; Gomes, Amanda Farias; Queiroz, Polyane Mazucatto; Siqueira, André da Silva; Muñoz, Pablo Andrés Riveros; Fechine, Guilhermino José Macêdo; Haiter-Neto, Francisco-Artigo
2021Do the tube current and metal artifact reduction influence the diagnosis of vertical root fracture in a tooth positioned in the vicinity of a zirconium implant? A CBCT studyFontenele, Rocharles C.; Gomes, Amanda Farias; Nejaim, Yuri; Freitas, Deborah Q.-Artigo
2020Does the addition of a lead foil to digital radiographic receptors influence image contrast and approximal caries lesions diagnosis?Fontenele, Rocharles Cavalcante; Nejaim, Yuri; Farias Gomes, Amanda; Gaêta-Araujo, Hugo; Haiter-Neto, Francisco; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz-Artigo
2016The Influence Of Number Of Line Pairs In Digital Intra-oral Radiography On The Detection Accuracy Of Horizontal Root FracturesNejaim, Yuri; Gomes, Amanda Farias; Nogueira Leal da Silva, Emmanuel João; Groppo, Francisco Carlos; Haiter Neto, Francisco-Artigo
2015Assessment of volume and height of the coronoid process in patients with different facial types and skeletal classes: a cone-beam computed tomography studyGomes, Amanda Farias; Nejaim, Yuri; Brasil, Danieli Moura; Groppo, Francisco C.; Ferreira Caria, Paulo H.; Neto, Francisco Haiter-Artigo
2017Assessing pulp stones by cone-beam computed tomographyNogueira Leal da Silva, Emmanuel Joao; Prado, Marina C.; Queiroz, Polyane M.; Nejaim, Yuri; Brasil, Danieli M.; Groppo, Francisco Carlos; Haiter-Neto, Francisco-Artigo
2019Morphological evaluation of the nasopalatine canal in patients with different facial profiles and agesda Costa, Eliana Dantas; Nejaim, Yuri; Cano Martins, Luciano Augusto; Peyneau, Priscila Dias; Bovi Ambrosano, Glaucia Maria; Oliveira, Matheus Lima; Costa, E.D.D.; Nejaim, Y.; Martins, L.A.C.; Peyneau, P.D.; Ambrosano, G.M.B.; Oliveira, M.L.-Artigo
2015Influence of endodontic treatment and corona! restoration on status of periapical tissues: a cone-beam computed tomographic studyGomes, Aline C.; Nejaim, Yuri; Silva, Amaro I. V.; Haiter-Neto, Francisco; Cohenca, Nestor; Zaia, Alexandre A.; Nogueira Leal Silva, Emmanuel João-Artigo
2019Radioprotective effect of sodium selenite on mandible of irradiated ratsYamasaki, Mayra Cristina; Fontenele, Rocharles Cavalcante; Nejaim, Yuri; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz-Artigo
2016Evaluation Of Root Canal Configuration Of Maxillary And Mandibular Anterior Teeth Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography: An In-vivo StudySilva, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal da; Castro, Raquel Werczler Queiroz de; Nejaim, Yuri; Silva, Amaro Ilídio Vespasiano; Haiter-Neto, Francisco; Silberman, Aian; Cohenca, Nestor-Artigo