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2018Role of electronic and structural characteristics on the magnetic properties of the Gd3Co1-xRux seriesMonteiro, J. C. B.; Reis, R. dos; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2015The physical properties of Gd3Ru: a real candidate for a practical cryogenic refrigeratorMonteiro, J. C. B.; Reis, R. D. dos; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2016Heat Flux Measurements Of Tb3m Series (m = Co, Rh And Ru): Specific Heat And Magnetocaloric PropertiesMonteiro, J. C. B.; Lombardi, G. A.; Reis, R. D. dos; Freitas, H. E.; Cardoso, L. P.; Mansanares, A. M.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2020Effects of Fe substitution on Mn2Sn alloy on its structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric propertiesFelez, M. R.; Monteiro, J. C. B.; Florio, D. Z. de; Gandra, F. C. G.; Gama, S.-Artigo
2014Determination of the magnetocaloric entropy change by field sweep using a heat flux setupMonteiro, J. C. B.; Reis, R. D. dos; Mansanares, A. M.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2017Direct measurements of conventional and anisotropic magnetocaloric effect in binary RAI(2) single crystalsMonteiro, J. C. B.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2017On the influence of thermal hysteresis on the performance of thermomagnetic motorsBessa, C. V. X.; Ferreira, L. D. R.; Horikawa, O.; Monteiro, J. C. B.; Gandra, F. G.; Gama, S.-Artigo
2019Magnetocaloric properties of (Gd1-xErx)(3)Ru alloys and their compositesMonteiro, J. C. B.; Gandra, F. G.-Artigo
2019Large magnetocaloric effect in ErCoSn driven by metamagnetic phase transition and short-range ferromagnetic correlationsSouza, R. L.; Monteiro, J. C. B.; Santos, A. O. dos; Cardoso, L. P.; Silva, L. M. da-Artigo