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2014Vacuum-assisted Drainage In Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Advantages And Disadvantages [sistema A Vácuo Na Circulação Extracorpórea: Vantagens E Desvantagens]de Carvalho Filho E.B.; Marson F.A.L.; da Costa L.N.G.; Antunes N.-Artigo de evento
2014Effect Of Exercise Test On Pulmonary Function Of Obese AdolescentsFaria A.G.; Ribeiro M.A.G.O.; Marson F.A.L.; Schivinski C.I.S.; Severino S.D.; Ribeiro J.D.; Barros Filho A.A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Pulsed Direct And Constant Direct Currents In The Pilocarpine Iontophoresis Sweat Chloride TestGomez C.C.S.; Servidoni M.F.; Marson F.A.L.; Canavezi P.J.C.; Vinagre A.M.; Costa E.T.; Ribeiro A.F.; Ribeiro M.A.G.O.; Toro A.A.D.C.; Pavan C.R.; Rondon M.V.S.S.; Lorena S.L.S.; Vieria F.U.; Ribeiro J.D.-Artigo de periódico
2013Walk Test And School Performance In Mouth-breathing ChildrenBoas A.P.D.V.; Marson F.A.L.; Ribeiro M.A.G.O.; Sakano E.; Conti P.B.M.; Toro A.D.C.; Ribeiro J.D.-Artigo de periódico
2016Correlation Between Acoustic Rhinometry, Computed Rhinomanometry And Cone-beam Computed Tomography In Mouth Breathers With Transverse Maxillary DeficiencySakai R.H.U.S.; Marson F.A.L.; Sakuma E.T.I.; Ribeiro J.D.; Sakano E.-Artigo
2017Erratum To: Quality Of Sweat Test (st) Based On The Proportion Of Sweat Sodium (na) And Sweat Chloride (cl) As Diagnostic Parameter Of Cystic Fibrosis: Are We On The Right Way?Faria A.G.; Marson F.A.L.; de Souza Gomez C.C.; Ribeiro M.G.O.; Morais L.B.; de Fátima Servidoni M.; Bertuzzo C.S.; Sakano E.; Goto M.; Paschoal I.A.; Pereira M.C.; Hessel G.; Levy C.E.; Toro A.A.D.C.; Peixoto A.O.; Simões M.C.R.; Lomazi E.A.; Nogueira R.J.N.; Ribeiro A.F.; Ribeiro J.D.-Errata
2016Spirometry And Volumetric Capnography In Lung Function Assessment Of Obese And Normal-weight Individuals Without AsthmaFerreira M.S.; Mendes R.T.; Marson F.A.L.; Zambon M.P.; Antonio M.A.R.G.M.; Paschoal I.A.; Toro A.A.D.C.; Severino S.D.; Ribeiro M.A.G.O.; Ribeiro J.D.-Artigo