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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016High Pressure Processing Of Cocoyam, Peruvian Carrot And Sweet Potato: Effect On Oxidative Enzymes And Impact In The Tuber ColorTribst; AAL; Leite; BRD; de Oliveira; MM; Cristianini; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Digital Image Analyses As An Alternative Tool For Chicken Quality AssessmentBarbin; DF; Mastelini; SM; Barbon; S; Campos; GFC; Barbon; APAC; Shimokomaki; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Bandwidth-aware Allocation Of Resilient Virtual Software Defined NetworksGomes; RL; Bittencourt; LF; Madeira; ERM; Cerqueira; E; Gerla; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016O Filho De Saul, De László Nemes: Um Novo Mito De Auschwitz?Seligmann-Silva; M-Resenha
2016Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (fcoj) Processed By The High Pressure Homogenization (hph) Technology: Effect On The Ready-to-drink JuiceLeite; TS; Augusto; PED; Cristianini; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Controlling The Topological Charge Of Twisted Light Beams With PropagationDorrah; AH; Zamboni-Rached; M; Mojahedi; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Effect-directed Analysis Supporting Monitoring Of Aquatic Environments - An In-depth OverviewBrack; W; Ait-Aissa; S; Burgess; RM; Busch; W; Creusot; N; Di Paolo; C; Escher; BI; Hewitt; LM; Hilscherova; K; Hollender; J; Hollert; H; Jonker; W; Kool; J; Lamoree; M; Muschket; M; Neumann; S; Rostkowski; P; Ruttkies; C; Schollee; J; Schymanski; EL; Schulze; T; Seiler; TB; Tindall; AJ; Umbuzeiro; GD; Vrana; B; Krauss; M-Resenha
2016Effect Of Natural Mineral On Methane Production And Process Stability During Semi-continuous Mono-digestion Of Maize StrawGonzalez-Suarez; A; Pereda-Reyes; I; Pozzi; E; da Silva; AJ; Oliva-Merencio; D; Zaiat; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Cold-formed Steel Double Angle Members Under CompressionMaia; WF; Vieira; LCM; Schafer; BW; Malite; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Effect Of Surface Conditioning Methods, Adhesive Systems And Resin Composite On Repair Strength Of Dimethacrylate And Silorane Resin CompositesLima; AF; Leite; TD; Palialol; AM; Catelan; A; Aguiar; FHB; Marchi; GM; Yuzbasioglu; E; Ozcan; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Establishment Of A Method For Describing Stx Genes Expression Of E.coli O157:h7 In Ground Beef Matrix During Refrigerated StorageMahmoudzadeh; M; Hosseini; H; Hedayati; M; Khanghah; AM; Chaves; RD; Azizkhani; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Strength And Stiffness Of Cold-formed Steel Purlins With Sleeved And Overlapped Bolted ConnectionsNeto; AHF; Vieira; LCM; Malite; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Shrinkage Stress, Long-term Adaptation And Bond Strength Of Low-shrinkage Composite ResinsDi Francescantonio; M; Boaro; LCC; Arana-Chavez; VE; Braga; RR; Giannini; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Superluminal, Luminal, And Subluminal Nondiffracting Pulses Applied To Free-space Optical Systems: Theoretical DescriptionGaray-Avendano; RL; Zamboni-Rached; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Software-defined Management Of Edge As A Service NetworksGomes; RL; Bittencourt; LF; Madeira; ERM; Cerqueira; EC; Gerla; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Penicillium Echinulatum Secretome Analysis Reveals The Fungi Potential For Degradation Of Lignocellulosic BiomassSchneider; WDH; Goncalves; TA; Uchima; CA; Couger; MB; Prade; R; Squina; FM; Dillon; AJP; Camassola; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016A Combined Energy-bandwidth Approach To Allocate Resilient Virtual Software Defined NetworksGomes; RL; Bittencourt; LF; Madeira; ERM; Cerqueira; E; Gerla; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Effect Of Storage Time On Bond Strength And Nanoleakage Expression Of Universal Adhesives Bonded To Dentin And Etched EnamelMakishi; P; Andre; CB; Ayres; APA; Martins; AL; Giannini; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Quantification Of Methanol In Biodiesel Through H-1 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyShimamoto; GG; Tubino; M-Artigo de Periódico
2016Co2 Laser Irradiation Enhances Caf2 Formation And Inhibits Lesion Progression On Demineralized Dental Enamel-in Vitro StudyZancope; BR; Rodrigues; LP; Parisotto; TM; Steiner-Oliveira; C; Rodrigues; LKA; Nobre-dos-Santos; M-Artigo de Periódico