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2012Pilot-plant Simulation, Experimental Campaign And Rigorous Modeling Of A Batch Mma Polymerization Reactor For The Fabrication Of Bone TissueZuniga Linan L.; Lima N.M.N.; Tovar L.P.; Manenti F.; Filho R.M.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Embirucu M.-Artigo de periódico
2012Estimation Of Kinetic Parameters And Mathematic Model Validation For Nylon-6 ProcessFunai V.I.; Melo D.N.C.; Lima N.M.N.; Pattaro A.F.; Linan L.Z.; Bonon A.J.; Filho R.M.-Artigo de periódico
2011Corporate Production Planning For Industrial Gas Supply Chains Under Low-demand ConditionsD'Isanto M.; Manenti F.; Lima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.-Livro
2011Adaptive Advanced Control Of A Copolymerization SystemLima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.; Manenti F.; Filho R.M.; Embirucu M.; Wolf Maciel M.R.-Livro
2013Novel Two-steps Optimal Control Of Batch Polymerization Reactors And Application To Pmma Production For The Fabrication Of Artificial Bone TissueLima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.; Manenti F.; Maciel Filho R.; Embirucu M.; Wolf Maciel M.R.-Artigo de periódico
2012Experimental Campaign, Modeling, And Sensitivity Analysis For The Molecular Distillation Of Petroleum Residues 673.15k+Zuniga Linan L.; Lima N.M.N.; Manenti F.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Filho R.M.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de periódico
2006Development Of Dynamic Models And Predictive Control By Fuzzy Logic For Polymerization ProcessesLima N.M.N.; Maciel Filho R.; Embirucu M.-Artigo de evento
2006Development Of Fuzzy Dynamic Models: Application To Polymerization SystemsLima N.M.N.; Maciel Filho R.-Artigo de evento
2013Study Of Direct Thermal Energy Storage Technologies For Effectiveness Of Concentrating Solar Power PlantsRavaghi-Ardebili Z.; Manenti F.; Lima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.-Artigo de evento
2013Quality Control Of Poly(methyl Methacrylate) To Medical Purpose By Multiple Headspace ExtractionLinan L.Z.; Bonon A.; Lima N.M.N.; Filho R.M.; Manenti F.-Artigo de evento
2013Assessment Of Direct Thermal Energy Storage Technologies For Concentrating Solar Power PlantsRavaghi-Ardebili Z.; Manenti F.; Corbetta M.; Lima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.; Papasidero D.-Artigo de evento
2013Raising The Decision-making Level To Improve The Enterprise-wide Production FlexibilityManenti F.; Bozzano G.; D'Isanto M.; Lima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.-Artigo de periódico
2008Molecular Distillation Modeling And Simulation To Split Heavy Petroleum FractionsLinan L.Z.; Lima N.M.N.; Maciel M.R.W.; Filho R.M.; Batistella C.B.; Manenti F.; Manca D.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2011Advanced Control Of A Continuous Solution Copolymerization ProcessLima N.M.N.; Zuniga Linan L.; Manenti F.; MacIel Filho R.; Embirucu M.; Wolf MacIel M.R.-Artigo de periódico
2011Dynamic Simulation Of The Lurgi-type Reactor For Methanol SynthesisManenti F.; Cieri S.; Restelli M.; Lima N.M.N.; Lamia Z.L.-Artigo de evento
2012Improving Operability And Process Understanding Of Sulfur Recovery UnitsPapasidero D.; Manenti F.; Lima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.-Artigo de evento
2009Modeling And Simulation Of Molecular Distillation Process For A Heavy Petroleum CutZuniga L.L.; Lima N.M.N.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Maciel Filho R.; Batistella C.B.; Manca D.; Manenti F.; Medina L.C.-Artigo de evento
2009Dynamic Optimization Of A Mma With Vac Copolymerization ReactorLima N.M.N.; Linan L.Z.; Filho R.M.; Manenti F.; Manca D.; Embirucu M.-Artigo de evento