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1-Jul-2009Comparison of blood neoangiogenesis and lymphatic vascularization in colorectal adenomas from patients with and without concomitant colorectal cancerMoreira, L.R.; Schenka, A.A.; Latuf Filho, P.; Lima, C.S.P.; Trevisan, M.A.S.; Vassallo, J.-Artigo de periódico
1-Aug-1997Minimal doses of hydroxyurea for sickle cell diseaseLima, C.S.P.; Arruda, V.R.; Costa, F.F.; Saad, S.T.O.-Artigo de periódico
1996Inhibition of eosinophil chemotaxis by chronic blockade of nitric oxide biosynthesisFerreira, H.H.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Medeiros, M.V.; Sannomiya, P.; Flores, C.A.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2005Inflammatory mechanisms underlying the rat pulmonary neutrophil influx induced by airway exposure to staphylococcal enterotoxin type ADesouza, I.A.; De Nucci, G.; Antunes, E.; Muscara, M.N.; Teixeira, S.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Camargo, E.A.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.-Artigo
2006Effects of neonatal capsaicin treatment in the neutrophil production, and expression of preprotachykinin-I and tachykinin receptors in the rat bone marrowFranco-Penteado, C.F.; Muscara, M.N.; Souza, I.A. de; Lima, C.S.P.; Teixeira, S.A.; Antunes, E.; De Nucci, G.-Artigo
2006Acute pulmonary inflammation induced by exposure of the airways to staphylococcal enterotoxin type B in ratsDe Nucci, G.; Teixeira, S.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Camargo, E.A.; Franco-Penteado, C.F.; De Souza, I.A.; Antunes, E.; Muscara, M.N.-Artigo
2011Immunohistochemical analysis of vascular density and area in colorectal carcinoma using different markers and comparison with clinicopathologic prognostic factorsSchenka, A.A.; Trevisan, M.A.S.; Moreira, L.R.; Lima, C.S.P.; Soares, F.A.; Penna, A.L.; Vassallo, J.; Latuf, P.-Artigo
Oct-2019Novel anticancer PdII complexes: The effect of the conjugation of transferrin binding peptide and the nature of halogen coordinated on antitumor activityTeles, C.M.; Lammoglia, L.C.; Juliano, M.A.; Ruiz, A.L.T.G.; Candido, T.Z.; Carvalho, J.E. de; Lima, C.S.P.; Abbehausen, C.-Artigo
2008Características mamográficas do câncer de mama associadas aos polimorfismos Gstm1 e Gstt1Morais, L.M.T.S.; Lourenco, G.J.; Cardoso Filho, C.; Gurgel, M.S.C.; Zeferino, L.C.; Shinzato, J.Y.; Lima, C.S.P.-Artigo
2008Clinical and pathological implications of Gstm1 and Gstt1 gene deletions in sporadic breast cancerLourenco, G.; Costa, F.F.; Cardoso Filho, C.; Lima, C.S.P.; Gurgel, M.S.C.; Zeferino, L.C.; Shinzato, J.Y.-Artigo
2008Influence of p53 codon 72 exon 4, GSTM1, GSTT1 and GSTP1*B polymorphisms in lung cancer risk in a Brazilian populationPerroud, M.W.; Barbeiro, A.S.; De Capitani, E.M.; Lima, C.S.P.; Costa, D.B.; Toro, I.F.C.; Zambon, L.; Honma, H.N.-Artigo
2010The GSTT1 polymorphism of the glutathione S-transferase system in the intratumoral microvessel density of breast cancer patientsSchenka, A.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Lourenco, G.J.; Costa-Gurgel, M.S.; Cardoso-Filho, C.; Pinto, G.A.; Vassallo, J.-Artigo
2009Comparison of blood neoangiogenesis and lymphatic vascularization in colorectal adenomas from patients with and without concomitant colorectal cancerMoreira, L. R.; Lima, C.S.P.; Schenka, A.A.; Trevisan, M.A.S.; Vassallo, J.; Filho, P. Latuf-Artigo
2009Correlation between thymidylate synthase protein expression and gene polymorphism with clinicopathological parameters in colorectal carcinomaMoreira, L.R.; Nascimento, H.; Latuff, P.; Vassallo, J.; Schenka, A.A.; Lima, C.S.P.; Trevisan, M.A.S.-Artigo
2010Increased risk for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children with cytochrome P450 A1(CYP1A1)- and NAD(P)H: quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1)-inherited gene variantsYamaguti, G.G.; Lourenço, G.J.; Silveira, V.S.; Tone, L.G.; Lopes, L.F.; Lima, C.S.P.-Artigo