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1-Jan-2007Phosphoric acid adsorbed on silica-ceria matrix obtained by sol-gel method: studies of local structure, texture and acid propertyPissetti, Fábio L.; Francisco, Maria Suzana P.; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka-Artigo de periódico
1-Apr-2004Hot-filament metal oxide deposition (HFMOD): a novel method for depositing thin films of metallic oxidesRouxinol, F. Paulo; Trasferetti, B. Cláudio; Landers, Richard; Moraes, Mário A. Bica de-Artigo de periódico
1-Aug-2005Adsorption of phosphoric acid on niobium oxide coated cellulose fiber: preparation, characterization and ion exchange propertyPavan, Flávio A.; Francisco, Maria Suzana P.; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka-Artigo de periódico
1-Feb-2004The ion exchange properties and equilibrium constants of Li+, Na+ and K+ on zirconium phosphate highly dispersed on a cellulose acetate fibers surfaceBorgo, Claudemir Adriano; Lazarin, Angélica M; Kholin, Yuriy V; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka-Artigo de periódico
1-Dec-2006Thin film of copper hexacyanoferrate dispersed on the surface of a conducting carbon ceramic material, SiO2/ZrO2/C-graphite: characteristics and electrochemical studiesMarafon, Eduardo; Lucho, Alzira M.S.; Francisco, Maria S.P.; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka-Artigo de periódico
2012Direct Access to Oxidation-Resistant Nickel Catalysts through an Organometallic PrecursorCosta, Natalia J. S.; Jardim, Renato F.; Masunaga, Sueli H.; Zanchet, Daniela; Landers, Richard; Rossi, Liane M.-Artigo de periódico
2012The ethanol electrooxidation at Pt layers deposited on polycrystalline AuPrieto, Mauricio J.; Rodrigues Filho, Ubirajara P.; Landers, Richard; Tremiliosi-Filho, Germano-Artigo de periódico
2012Catalyst Recovery and Recycling Facilitated by Magnetic Separation: Iridium and Other Metal NanoparticlesJacinto, Marcos J.; Silva, Fernanda P.; Kiyohara, Pedro K.; Landers, Richard; Rossi, Liane M.-Artigo de periódico
2015Incorporation Of Ca, P, And Si On Bioactive Coatings Produced By Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation: The Role Of Electrolyte Concentration And Treatment Duration.Marques, Isabella da Silva Vieira; da Cruz, Nilson Cristino; Landers, Richard; Yuan, Judy Chia-Chun; Mesquita, Marcelo Ferraz; Sukotjo, Cortino; Mathew, Mathew T; Barão, Valentim Adelino Ricardo-Artigo de periódico
2015Self-assembly Of Nitpp On Cu(111): A Transition From Disordered 1d Wires To 2d Chiral Domains.Fatayer, Shadi; Veiga, Roberto G A; Prieto, Mauricio J; Perim, Eric; Landers, Richard; Miwa, Roberto H; de Siervo, Abner-Artigo de periódico
2002Determination Of The Constants Of Affinity Of Fecl3, Cucl2, And Zncl2 For A Nitrogen-containing Organosilane Bonded On Al2o3-cellulose Acetate Hybrid Material Surface From Ethanol Solution.Lazarin, Angélica M; Landers, Richard; Kholin, Yuriy V; Gushikem, Yoshitaka-Artigo de periódico
2014The Atomic Structure Of A Bare Buffer Layer On Sic(0001) Chemically Lima, Luis Henrique; Handschak, Dominique; Schönbohm, Frank; Landers, Richard; Westphal, Carsten; de Siervo, Abner-Artigo de periódico
2014Electronic And Structural Study Of Pt-modified Au Vicinal Surfaces: A Model System For Pt-au Catalysts.Prieto, Mauricio J; Carbonio, Emilia A; Fatayer, Shadi; Landers, Richard; de Siervo, Abner-Artigo de periódico
2009Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Chemically Modified With Cysteamine And Their Application In Polymer Solar Cells: Influence Of The Chemical Modification On Device Performance.Conturbia, Giovanni; Vinhas, Rita de Cássia G; Landers, Richard; Valente, Gustavo M S; Baranauskas, Vitor; Nogueira, Ana Flávia-Artigo de periódico
2001Photoemission from Pt(111)-(hex)-Rb and Pt(111)-(4x1)-RbO using polarised synchrotron radiationMorais, Jonder; Oelsner, Andreas; Schonhense, Gerd; Fecher, Gerhard H.; Landers, Richard; Siervo, Abner de; Kleiman; George G.-Artigo
2002Micro- and nanocomposites of Keggin heteropolymetalates in cellulose estersOliveira, Francílio de C.; Schneider, José; Siervo, Abner de; Landers, Richard; Plepis, Ana M. G.; Pireaux, Jean-Jacques; Rodrigues-Filho, Ubirajara Pereira-Artigo
2011Ordered oxide surfaces on metals: chromium oxidePancotti, Alexandre; Siervo; Abner de; Carazzolle, Marcelo F.; Landers, Richard; Kleiman, George G.-Artigo
2000Lithium insertion and electrochromism in polycrystalline molybdenum oxide filmsFerreira, F. F.; Cruz, Tersio G. Souza; Fantini, M. C. A.; Tabacniks, M. H.; Castro, Sandra C. de; Morais, Jonder; Siervo, Abner de; Landers, Richard; Gorenstein, A.-Artigo
2014From 1D to 3D Ru nanostructures on a Pt stepped surface as model systems in electrocatalysis: UHV-STM and XPS studyCarbonio, Emilia A.; Prieto, Mauricio J.; Siervo, Abner de; Landers, Richard-Artigo
2016Surface structure determination of black phosphorus using photoelectron diffractionLima, Luis Henrique de; Barreto, Lucas; Landers, Richard; Siervo, Abner de-Artigo