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1-Dec-2001Sample preparation method for scanning force microscopyJankov, I.R.; Szente, R.N.; Goldman, I.D.; Carreño, M.N.P.; Swart, J.W.; Landers, R.-Artigo de periódico
2018A theoretical and experimental investigation of Eu-doped ZnO nanorods and its application on dye sensitized solar cellsFonseca, A. F. V. da; Siqueira, R. L.; Landers, R.; Ferrari, J. L.; Marana, N. L.; Sambrano, J. R.; La Porta, F. D.; Schiavon, M. A.-Artigo
2014The addition of Si to the Ti-35Nb alloy and its effect on the corrosion resistance, when applied to biomedical materialsTavares, A. M. G.; Fernandes, B. S.; Souza, S. A.; Batista, W. W.; Cunha, F. G. C.; Landers, R.; Macedo, M. C. S. S.-Artigo
2018Plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) influence on Ti-6Al-4V alloy: frequency effectOliveira, V. M. C. A.; Cioffi, M. O. H.; Barboza, M. J. R.; Landers, R.; Schmitt, B.; Tapia, D. C. A. R.; Voorwald, H. J. C.-Artigo
2018Surface characterization of NbO islands formed on Nb(100) by X-Ray photoelectron diffractionPancotti, A.; Wang, J.; Rezende, A. C. S. A.; Santos, D. P.; Siervo, A. de; Landers, R.; Nascente, P. A. P.-Artigo
2019Influence of silver electrochemically deposited onto zinc oxide seed nanoparticles on the photoelectrochemical performance of zinc oxide nanorod filmsAranda, A.; Landers, R.; Carnelli, P.; Candal, R.; Alarcon, H.; Rodriguez, J.-Artigo
2019Structural analysis of PdRh/C and PdSn/C and its use as electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation in alkaline mediumFontes, E. H.; Ramos, C. E. D.; Nandenha, J.; Piasentin, R. M.; Neto, A. O.; Landers, R.-Artigo
2019Syngas production by dry reforming of methane using lyophilized nickel catalystsMoura-Nickel, C. D.; Tachinski, C. G.; Landers, R.; Noni, A. de; Virmond, E.; Peterson, M.; Moreira, R.; Jose, H. J.-Artigo
2019Color stability of maxillofacial prosthetic silicone functionalized with oxide nanocoatingBishal, A. K.; Wee, A. G.; Barao, V. A. R.; Yuan, J. C. C.; Landers, R.; Sukotjo, C.; Takoudis, C. G.-Artigo
2019Electrochemical water oxidation by cobalt-Prussian blue coordination polymer and theoretical studies of the electronic structure of the active speciesPires, B. M.; dos Santos, P. L.; Katic, V.; Strohauer, S.; Landers, R.; Formiga, A. L. B.; Bonacin, J. A.-Artigo
2019Surface structure characterization by X-ray photoelectron diffraction of Sn ultra-thin films deposited on Pd(111)Pancotti, A.; Siervo, A. de; Carazzolle, M. F.; Silva, J. J.; Nascente, P. A. P.; Landers, R.-Artigo
2019Using thermochemical treatment for facilitating apatite formation on Ti-Nb-Sn alloysRezende, A.; Wang, J. L.; Li, Y. W.; Carvalho, A. M. G.; Souza, M. V. D.; Santos, S.; Martins, A.; Costa, A. M. D.; Cremasco, A.; Landers, R.; Machado, D.; Pancotti, A.-Artigo
2019Equilibrium study of binary mixture biosorption of Cr(III) and Zn(II) by dealginated seaweed waste: investigation of adsorption mechanisms using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysisCosta, C. S. D.; Queiroz, B. G. M.; Landers, R.; Silva, M. G. C. da; Vieira, M. G. A.-Artigo
2020Effects of cold SF6 plasma treatment on a-C:H, polypropylene and polystyreneAmorim, M.K.M.; Rangel, E.C.; Landers, R.; Durrant, S.F.-Artigo
2014Probing the surface atomic structure of Au/Cr2O3/Pd(111) by photoelectron diffractionKilian, A. S.; Pancotti, A.; Landers, R.; Siervo, A. de; Morais, J.-Artigo
2001Electronic structure of LixNiOy thin filmsUrbano, A.; Castro, S. C. de; Landers, R.; Morais, J.; Siervo, A. de; Gorenstein, A.; Tabacniks, M. H.; Fantini, M. C. A.-Artigo
2006Photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and photoelectron diffraction (XPD) studies on the system hafnium silicide and hafnium oxide on Si(1 0 0)Weiera, D.; Flüchtera, C.; Siervo, A. de; Schürmann, M.; Dreiner, S.; Berges, U.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Pancotti, A.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.; Westphal, C.-Artigo
2006Structure analysis of the system hafnium/silicon(100) by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD)Flüchter, C. R.; Siervo, A. de; Weier, D.; Schürmann, M.; Berges, U.; Dreiner, S.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.; Westphal, C.-Artigo
2007Structural and electronic analysis of Hf on Si(1 1 1) surface studied by XPS, LEED and XPDCarazzolle, M. F.; Schurmann, M.; Fluchter, C. R.; Weier, D.; Berges, U.; Siervo, A. de; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.; Westphal, C.-Artigo
2007Photoelectron diffraction study and structure determination of ultrathin hafnium silicide layers on silicon(100) using Mg Kα radiation and synchrotron lightFlüchter, C. R.; Siervo, A. de; Weier, D.; Schürmann, M.; Berges, U.; Dreiner, S.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.; Westphal, C.-Artigo