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2017Advantages Of Self-administration Of Injectable ContraceptivesBahamondes; L.-Editorial
2016Conversion Of Immunosupression After Pediatric Kidney TransplantationBelangero; V.; Prates; L.; Palma; L.-Resumo
2016Effect Of Embryo Thermal Stimulation On The Serum Levels Of Immunoglobulins And Corticosterone, And Organ Histopathology Of 1 Day-old BroilersFlores; F.; Naas; I. A.; Garcia; R. G.; Quinteiro; W. M. Q.; Souza; L.; I-Artigo
2016The Influence Of Geometric Factors Of The Difuser Plate Of Sand Filters On The Porous Media DeformationMesquita; M.; Testezlaf; R.; Ponciano de Deus; F.; Machado da Rosa; L.-Congresso
2016The Influence Of Geometric Factors Of The Drains (crepina) In Hydrodynamic Sand Filters BehaviorMesquita; M.; Testezlaf; R.; Ponciano de Deus; F.; Machado da Rosa; L.-Congresso
2017Long-range Dependence And Approximate Bayesian ComputationAndrade; P.; Rifo; L.-Artigo
2015The Effect Of Hydrofluoric Acid Concentration On The Bond Strength And Morphology Of The Surface And Interface Of Glass Ceramics To A Resin CementSundfeld Neto; D.; Naves; L. Z.; Costa; A. R.; Correr; A. B.; Consani; S.; Borges; G. A.; Correr-Sobrinho; L.-Artigo de periódico
2017The Splicing Factor Binding Protein Kis (uhmk1) Participates In Hematopoietic Cell DifferentiationBarbutti; I.; Arfelli; V. C.; Machado-Neto; J. A.; Xavier-Ferrucio; J.; Traina; F.; Saad; S. T. O.; Frohlich-Archangelo; L.-Resumo
2016Rhce Variants Inherited With Altered Rhd Alleles In Brazilian Blood DonorsPrisco Arnoni; C.; Guilhem Muniz; J.; de Paula Vendrame; T. A.; de Medeiros Person; R.; Roche Moreira Latini; F.; Castilho; L.-Artigo
2016Misdiagnosis Of Very Early Frontotemporal DementiaStella; F.; Mella; L.; Marques; V.; Fontana; T.; Loureiro; J.; Silva; L.-Resumo