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2009Computer Simulation Of Hydrolytic Polymerization Of Sls Nylon 6 To Correlate Polymer Characteristics And Operational ParametersCosta M.C.B.; Barbosa M.I.R.; Jardini A.L.; Embirucu M.; Filho R.M.-Artigo de evento
2011A Computer Tool For The Development Of Poly(lactic Acid) Synthesis Process From Renewable Feedstock For BiomanufacturingMartinez G.A.R.; Lasprilla A.J.R.; Lunelli B.H.; Jardini A.L.; Maciel Filho R.-Livro
2012Microchannels Fabrication In Direct Metal Laser Sintering (dmls)Bineli A.R.R.; Jardini A.L.; Peres A.P.G.; Bernardes L.F.; MacIel Filho R.-Artigo de evento
2008Empirical Models For End-use Properties Prediction Of Ldpe: Application In The Flexible Plastic Packaging IndustryBurgos Costa M.C.; Jardini A.L.; Wolf Maciel M.R.; Embirucu M.; Maciel Filho R.-Artigo de periódico
2006Numerical Simulation And Analyzes Of Evolution Of Temperature And Cure Of Thermosensitive Materials During Thermolithography Process (irtl)Andrade S.R.; Jardini A.L.; Maciel Filho R.; Rezende R.-Artigo de evento
2007Development Of Nanocomposite Material For Rapid Manufacturing: Application In Microreactor TechnologyJardini A.L.; Costa M.C.B.; Rezende R.A.; Andrade S.R.; Scarparo M.A.; Filho R.M.-Artigo de evento
2011Surface Morphology Of A Catalytic Wall Microreactor Constructed By Direct Metal Laser Sintering ProcessBineli A.R.R.; Barbosa M.I.R.; Perez A.P.G.; Jardini A.L.; Filho R.M.-Artigo de evento