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2016Histological Features In Partial And Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Biopsy And Gonadectomy Material: Review Of 43 CasesAndrade, J. G. R.; Fabbri, H. C.; Holl-Ulrich, K.; Werner, R.; Marques de Faria, A. P.; Mello, Maricilda Palandi de; Guerra Junior, Gil; Maciel-Guerra, A.T.; Hiort, Olaf-Outros documentos
2016Partial And Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Cannot Be Distinguished By Histological Picture: Clinical Evaluation, Histological Differences And Long-term Follow Up Of 61 Brazilian PatientsRibeiro de Andrade, Juliana Gabriel; Fabbri, Helena Campos; Santos, Ana Paula dos; Marques de Faria, Antonia Paula; Mello, Maricilda Palandi; Guerra Junior, Gil; Maciel-Guerra, Andrea Trevas-Outros documentos
2016Nr5a1 Loss-of-function Mutations Lead To 46,xy Partial Gonadal Dysgenesis Phenotype: Report Of Three Novel MutationsFabbri, Helena C.; Ribeiro de Andrade, Juliana G.; Maciel-Guerra, Andrea T.; Guerra Junior, Gil; Mello, Maricilda P. de-Artigo
2019New genetic findings in a large cohort of congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadismAmato, Lorena Guimaraes Lima; Montenegro, Luciana Ribeiro; Lerario, Antonio Marcondes; Jorge, Alexander Augusto Lima; Guerra Junior, Gil; Schnoll, Caroline; Renck, Alessandra Covallero; Trarbach, Ericka Barbosa; Costa, Elaine Maria Frade; Mendonca, Berenice Bilharinho; Latronico, Ana Claudia; Silveira, Leticia Ferreira Gontijo-Artigo
2012Analysis of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and its receptor (AMHR2) genes in patients with persistent Müllerian duct syndromeNishi, Mirian Yumie; Domenice, Sorahia; Maciel-Guerra, Andréa Trevas; Zaba Neto, Alberto; Silva, Marcia Alessandra Cavalaro Pereira da; Costa, Elaine Maria Frade; Guerra Junior, Gil; Mendonca, Berenice Bilharinho de-Artigo
2015Clinical and molecular data from 61 brazilian cases of congenital hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemiaLiberatore Junior, Raphael Del Roio; Ramos, Priscila Manzini; Guerra Junior, Gil; Della Manna, Thais; Silva, Ivani Novato; Martinelli Junior, Carlos Eduardo-Artigo
2016Prevalence of congenital hypothyroidism and thyroid function follow-up of children with Tsh cutoff between 5 and 10 mIU/l in neonatal screeningChristensen-Adad, Flávia Corrêa; Santos, Carolina Taddeo Mendes dos; Goto, Maura Mikie Fukujima; Sewaybricker, Letícia Esposito; Guerra Junior, Gil; D’Souza-Li, Lília Freire Rodrigues; Morcillo, André Moreno; Lemos-Marini, Sofia Helena Valente-Outro documento