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2007Plasma and salivary amoxicillin concentrations and effect against oral microorganismsBaglie, S.; Ruenis, A. P. D. B.; Motta, R. H. L.; Baglie, R. C. C.; Franco, G. C. N.; Franco, L. M.; Rosalen, P. L.; Silva, P.; Groppo, F. C.-Artigo
2005The effect of milk on plasmatic and tissue levels of macrolides: in vivo study in ratsDel Fiol, F. D. S.; Toledo, M. I.; Groppo, F. C.-Artigo
2012The effect of lupane triterpenoids (dipteryx alata Vogel) in the in vitro neuromuscular blockade and myotoxicity of two snake venomsFerraz, M. C.; Parrilha, L. A. C.; Moraes, M. S. D.; Filho, J. A.; Cogo, J. C.; dos Santos, M. G.; Franco, L. M.; Groppo, F. C.; Puebla, P.; Feliciano, A. S.; Oshima-Franco, Y.-Artigo
2010Morphological changes in the position of the mandibular foramen in dentate and edentate brazilian subjectsPrado, F. B.; Groppo, F. C.; Volpato, M. C.; Caria, P. H. F.-Artigo
2005Antibiotics and pregnancySá del Fiol, F.; Gerenutti, M.; Groppo, F. C.-Artigo
2011Mutagenicity induced by the hydroalcoholic extract of the medicinal plant Plathymenia reticulata BenthDella Torre, A.; Albuquerque, L. B. L.; Farrapo, N. M.; Oshima-Franco, Y.; Santos, M. G.; Tavares, R. V. S.; Rodas, A. C. D.; Dal Belo, C. A.; Cardoso, C. R. P.; Varanda, E. A.; Groppo, F. C.; Lopes, P. S.-Artigo
2010Bothrops jararacussu venom-induced neuromuscular blockade inhibited by Casearia gossypiosperma Briquet hydroalcoholic extractCamargo, T. M.; Nazato, V. S.; Silva, M. G.; Cogo, J. C.; Groppo, F. C.; Oshima-Franco, Y.-Artigo
2012In vitro and in vivo safety evaluation of Dipteryx alata Vogel extractEsteves-Pedro, N. M.; Borim, T.; Nazato, V. S.; Silva, M. G.; Lopes, P. S.; dos Santos, M. G.; Dal Belo, C. A.; Cardoso, C. R. P.; Varanda, E. A.; Groppo, F. C.; Gerenutti, M.; Oshima-Franco, Y.-Artigo
2011Screening of reducing agents for anaerobic growth of Candida albicans SC5314Rymovicz, A. U. M.; Souza, R. D.; Gursky, L. C.; Rosa, R. T.; Trevilatto, P. C.; Groppo, F. C.; Rosa, E. A. R.-Artigo
2012Liposomal delivery system for topical anaesthesia of the palatal mucosaFranz-Montan, M.; de Paula, E.; Groppo, F. C.; Silva, A. L. R.; Ranali, J.; Volpato, M. C.-Artigo de periódico
2016Correlation Between Body Mass Index And Faecal Microbiota From ChildrenIgnacio, A.; Fernandes, M. R.; Rodrigues, V. A. A.; Groppo, F. C.; Cardos, A. L.; Avila-Campos, M. J.; Nakano, V.-Artigo
2012Efficacy of liposome-encapsulated 0.5% ropivacaine in maxillary dental anaesthesia.Franz-Montan, M.; de Paula, E.; Groppo, F. C.; Ranali, J.; Volpato, M. C.-Artigo
20154% articaine buccal infiltration versus 2% lidocaine inferior alveolar nerve block for emergency root canal treatment in mandibular molars with irreversible pulpits: a randomized clinical studyMonteiro, M. R. F. P.; Groppo, F. C.; Haiter-Neto, F.; Volpato, M. C.; Almeida, J. F. A.-Artigo
2016Influence of salivary washout on drug delivery to the oral cavity using coated microneedles: an in vitro evaluationSerpe, L.; Jain, A.; de Macedo, C. G.; Volpato, M. C.; Groppo, F. C.; Gill, H. S.; Franz-Montan, M.-Artigo
2010Liposome-encapsulated ropivacaine for intraoral topical anesthesiaFranz-Montan, M.; de Paula, E.; Groppo, F. C.; Silva, A. L. R.; Ranali, J.; Volpato, M. C.-Artigo
2011Phytochemical screening, antioxidant, and antimicrobial activities of the crude leaves′ extract from ipomoea batatas (l.) LamPochapski, M. T.; Fosquiera, E. C.; Esmerino, L. A.; Dos Santos, E. B.; Farago, P. V.; Groppo, F. C.; Santos, F. A.-Artigo
2010Pharmacokinetic profile of liposome-encapsulated ropivacaine after maxillary infiltration anaesthesiaFranz-Montan, M.; Bergamaschi, C. C.; de Paula, E.; Groppo, F. C.; Ranali, J.; Fraceto, L. F.; Volpato, M. C.-Artigo
2012The effect of smoking on the bioavailability of metronidazole in plasma and salivaMontalli, V. A.; Bergamaschi, C. D.; Ramacciato, J. C.; Nolasco, F. P.; Groppo, F. C.; de Brito, R. B.; Haas, D. A.; Motta, R. H. L.-Artigo
2007Anesthetic efficacy and pain induced by dental anesthesia: the influence of gender and menstrual cycleTofoli, G. R.; Ramacciato, J. C.; Volpato, M. C.; Meechan, J. G.; Ranali, J.; Groppo, F. C.-Artigo
2011Inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity by doxycycline ameliorates RANK ligand-induced osteoclast differentiation in vitro and in vivoFranco, G. C. N.; Kajiya, M.; Nakanishi, T.; Ohta, K.; Rosalen, P. L.; Groppo, F. C.; Ernst, C. W. O.; Boyesen, J. L.; Bartlett, J. D.; Stashenko, P.; Taubman, M. A.; Kawai, T.-Artigo