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2005Modification Of Natural Rubber: A Study By 1h Nmr To Assess The Degree Of Graftization Of Polydmaema Or Polymma Onto Rubber Particles Under Latex Form In The Presence Of A Redox Couple InitiatorCarlos De Oliveira P.; Marim De Oliveira A.; Garcia A.; Carlos De Souza Barboza J.; Amelia De Carvalho Zavaglia C.; Martins Dos Santos A.-Artigo de periódico
2000Use Of Artificial Intelligence For The Optimization Of A Laser Transformation Hardening ProcessCheung N.; Ierardi M.C.F.; Garcia A.; Vilar R.-Artigo de periódico
2014Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy And Potentiodynamic Polarization Studies Affected By The Microstructure Array Of A Monotectic Al-pb Alloy In A Nacl SolutionOsorio W.R.; Freitas E.S.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2017Peptide Composition, Oxidative And Insecticidal Activities Of Nectar From Flowers Of Spathodea Campanulata P. BeauvSantos V.H.M.; Minatel I.O.; Reco P.C.; Garcia A.; Lima G.P.P.; Silva R.M.G.-Artigo
1982Reliable Bad Data Processing For Real-time State Estimation.Monticelli A.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
1978Mathematical Model For The Unidirectional Solidification Of Metals: I. Cooled MoldsGarcia A.; Prates M.-Artigo de periódico
1981The Application Of A New Solidification Heat Flow Model To Splat CoolingClyne T.W.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2012The Effects Of Microstructure And Ag 3sn And Cu 6sn 5 Intermetallics On The Electrochemical Behavior Of Sn-ag And Sn-cu Solder AlloysOsorio W.R.; Peixoto L.C.; Garcia L.R.; Garcia A.; Spinelli J.E.-Artigo de periódico
2014The Roles Of Dendritic Spacings And Ag3sn Intermetallics On Hardness Of The Sac307 Solder AlloySilva B.L.; Garcia A.; Spinelli J.E.-Artigo de periódico
2014Mechanical And Corrosion Resistances Of A Sn-0.7 Wt.%cu Lead-free Solder AlloyFreitas E.S.; Osorio W.R.; Spinelli J.E.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Interconnection Of Thermal Parameters, Microstructure, Macrosegregation And Microhardness Of Unidirectionally Solidified Zn-rich Zn-ag Peritectic AlloysDias M.; Brito C.; Bertelli F.; Rocha O.L.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Cellular Growth Of Single-phase Zn-ag Alloys Unidirectionally SolidifiedDias M.; Brito C.; Bertelli F.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Electrochemical Behavior Of A Lead-free Sn-cu Solder Alloy In Nacl SolutionOsorio W.R.; Freitas E.S.; Spinelli J.E.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Mechanical Performance And Microstructure Array Of As-cast Lead-silver And Lead-bismuth AlloysOsorio W.R.; Bortolozo A.D.; Peixoto L.C.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2014Microstructure, Phases Morphologies And Hardness Of A Bi-ag Eutectic Alloy For High Temperature Soldering ApplicationsSpinelli J.E.; Silva B.L.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2006The Influence Of Dendritic Arm Spacing And Solute Distribution Upon The Corrosion Resistance In Zn-al AlloysOsorio W.R.; Freire C.M.A.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
2006Numerical And Experimental Analysis Of Macrosegregation During Upward And Downward Solidification Of A Ternary Al-cu-si AlloyFerreira I.L.; Spinelli J.E.; Nestler B.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
2006Microstructural Solidification Parameters Of A Zn-4al Alloy Affecting Mechanical And Corrosion PropertiesOsorio W.R.; Freire C.M.A.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento
2008Microstructural Modification By Laser Surface Remelting And Its Effect On The Corrosion Resistance Of An Al-9 Wt%si Casting AlloyOsorio W.R.; Cheung N.; Spinelli J.E.; Cruz K.S.; Garcia A.-Artigo de periódico
2008Effects Of Microstructural Arrangement On Hot Corrosion Resistance Of A Pb-sb Alloy For Battery GridsOsorio W.R.; Aoki C.S.C.; Garcia A.-Artigo de evento