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2015Alterations in ubiquitin ligase SIAH-2 and its corepressor N-COR after P-mapa immunotherapy and anti-androgen therapy: new therapeutic opportunities for non-muscle invasive bladder cancerGarcia, Patrick Vianna; Apolinario, Leticia Montanholi; Boeckelmann, Petra Karla; Nunes, Iseu da Silva; Duran, Nelson; Favaro, Wagner Jose-Artigo
2016Potential therapeutic strategies for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer based on association of intravesical immunotherapy with P-MAPA and systemic administration of cisplatin and doxorubicinDias, Queila Cristina; Nunes, Iseu da Silva; Garcia, Patrick Vianna; Fávaro, Wagner José-Artigo
2016Increased toll-like receptors and p53 levels regulate apoptosis and angiogenesis in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: mechanism of action of P-MAPA biological response modifierGarcia, Patrick Vianna; Ferreira Seiva, Fabio Rodrigues; Carniato, Amanda Pocol; de Mello Junior, Wilson; Duran, Nelson; Macedo, Alda Maria; de Oliveira, Alexandre Gabarra; Romih, Rok; Nunes, Iseu da Silva; Nunes, Odilon da Silva; Favaro, Wagner Jose-Artigo
2015Characterization of reactive stroma in prostate cancer: involvement of growth factors, metalloproteinase matrix, sexual hormones receptors and prostatic stem cellsSilva, Maurício Moreira da; Matheus, Wagner Eduardo; Garcia, Patrick Vianna; Stopiglia, Rafael Mamprin; Billis, Athanase; Ferreira, Ubirajara; Fávaro, Wagner José-Artigo