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2015An Update On The Role Of Adipokines In Arterial Stiffness And Hypertension.Sabbatini, Andréa R; Fontana, Vanessa; Laurent, Stephane; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2015Predictors Of Silent Myocardial Ischemia In Resistant Hypertensive Patients.Modolo, Rodrigo; de Faria, Ana Paula; Paganelli, Maria O; Sabbatini, Andréa R; Barbaro, Natália R; Nascimento, Beatriz B; Ramos, Celso D; Fontana, Vanessa; Calhoun, David A; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2015Increased Arterial Stiffness In Resistant Hypertension Is Associated With Inflammatory Biomarkers.Barbaro, Natália Ruggeri; Fontana, Vanessa; Modolo, Rodrigo; De Faria, Ana Paula; Sabbatini, Andrea Rodrigues; Fonseca, Francisco Helfenstein; Anhê, Gabriel F; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2014Modulation Of Aldosterone Levels By -344 c/t Cyp11b2 Polymorphism And Spironolactone Use In Resistant Hypertension.Fontana, Vanessa; de Faria, Ana Paula Cabral; Barbaro, Natália Ruggeri; Sabbatini, Andréa Rodrigues; Modolo, Rodrigo; Lacchini, Riccardo; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2016Endothelial nitric oxide synthase tagSNPs influence the effects of enalapril in essential hypertensionOliveira-Paula, Gustavo H.; Lacchini, Riccardo; Luizon, Marcelo R.; Fontana, Vanessa; Silva, Pamela S.; Biagi, Celso; Tanus-Santos, Jose E.-Artigo
2013Acute Cardiac And Hemodynamic Effects Of Sildenafil On Resistant Hypertension.Quinaglia, Thiago; de Faria, Ana Paula C; Fontana, Vanessa; Barbaro, Natália R; Sabbatini, Andréa R; Sertório, Jonas T; Demacq, Caroline; Tanus-Santos, José E; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2013Hypoadiponectinemia And Aldosterone Excess Are Associated With Lack Of Blood Pressure Control In Subjects With Resistant Faria, Ana P C; Demacq, Caroline; Figueiredo, Valéria N; Moraes, Carolina H; Santos, Rodrigo C; Sabbatini, Andréa R; Barbaro, Natália R; Boer-Martins, Leandro; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo de periódico
2015Increased arterial stiffness in resistant hypertension is associated with inflammatory biomarkersBarbaro, Natalia Ruggeri; Fontana, Vanessa; Modolo, Rodrigo; De Faria, Ana Paula; Sabbatini, Andrea Rodrigues; Fonseca, Francisco Helfenstein; Anhe, Gabriel F.; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2014Adipokines: novel players in resistant hypertensionFaria, Ana Paula de; Modolo, Rodrigo; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2015Adiponectin-11377c/g and+276g/t polymorphisms affect adiponectin levels but do not modify responsiveness to therapy in resistant hypertensionFaria, Ana Paula C. de; Modolo, Rodrigo; Sabbatini, Andréa R.; Barbaro, Natália R.; Corrêa, Nathália B.; Brunelli, Veridiana; Tanus-Santos, José E.; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2015Vascular damage in resistant hypertension: Tnf-alpha inhibition effects on endothelial cellsBarbaro, Natalia Ruggeri; de Araujo, Thiago Matos; Tanus-Santos, Jose Eduardo; Anhe, Gabriel Forato; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2015Predictors of silent myocardial ischemia in resistant hypertensive patientsModolo, Rodrigo; Faria, Ana Paula de; Paganelli, Maria O.; Sabbatini, Andréa R.; Barbaro, Natália R.; Nascimento, Beatriz B.; Ramos, Celso D.; Fontana, Vanessa; Calhoun, David A.; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2015Papel da MMP-2 e MMP-9 na resistência à terapia medicamentosa em pacientes com hipertensão arterial resistenteLacerda, Leandro; Faria, Ana Paula de; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor; Sandrim, Valéria-Artigo
2014Relationship of left ventricular hypertrophy, age, and renal artery stenosisBarbaro, Natalia Ruggeri; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Editorial
2016Does renal denervation fit all resistant hypertension? the role of geneticsRitter, Alessandra M. V.; Faria, Ana Paula de; Fontana, Vanessa; Modolo, Rodrigo; Moreno, Heitor-Editorial
2016Increased circulating tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase‐2 is associated with resistant hypertensionSabbatini, Andrea R.; Barbaro, Natalia R.; Faria, Ana Paula de; Modolo, Rodrigo; Ritter, Alessandra Mileni V.; Pinho, Claudio; Amorim, Rivadavio Fernandes Batista; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo
2012A verdadeira prevalência da hipertensão resistenteSabbatini, Andréa Rodrigues; Fontana, Vanessa; Moreno Junior, Heitor-Outro documento
2011Consistent alterations of circulating matrix metalloproteinases levels in untreated hypertensives and in spontaneously hypertensive rats : a relevant pharmacological targetFontana, Vanessa; Silva, Pamela S.; Belo, Vanessa A.; Antonio, Raquel C.; Ceron, Carla S.; Biagi, Celso; Gerlach, Raquel F.; Tanus‐Santos, Jose E.-Artigo
2011Antihypertensive effects exerted by enalapril in mild to moderate hypertension are not associated with changes in the circulating levels of nitric oxide-related markersSilva, Pamela S.; Fontana, Vanessa; Palei, Ana C. T.; Sertorio, Jonas T. C.; Biagi, Celso; Tanus-Santos, Jose Eduardo-Artigo
2016Association of mineralocorticoid receptor polymorphism I180v with left ventricular hypertrophy in resistant hypertensionVersuti Ritter, Alessandra Mileni; Fontana, Vanessa; Cabral de Faria, Ana Paula; Modolo, Rodrigo; Barbaro, Natalia R.; Sabbatini, Andrea R.; Peres, Heverton; Biagi, Celso; Silva, Pamela S.; Lopes, Paulo C.; Tanus-Santos, Jose Eduardo; Coelho, Eduardo B.; Moreno, Heitor-Artigo