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2016Bariatric Surgery In Individuals With Cognitive Impairment: Report Of Two Cases And Literature ReviewCazzo; E.; Gestic; M. A.; Utrini; M. P.; Chaim; F. D. M.; Pareja; J. C.; Chaim; E. A.-Resumo
2016Preoperative Insulin Resistance May Be A Reliable Predictor Of Development Of Gallstones Following Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass: Results Of A Prospective Cohort StudyCazzo; E.; Gestic; M. A.; Utrini; M. P.; daSilva; A. P. C.; Jimenez; L. S.; Chaim; F. D. M.; Pareja; J. C.; Chaim; E. A.-Resumo
2016Bariatric Surgery In An Adult Individual With Pseudotumor Cerebri: Case Report And Review Of LiteratureCazzo; E.; Candido; E. C.; Jarolavsky; L. B. S.; Chaim; F. D. M.; Chaim; E. A.-Resumo
2016Influence Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Liver Histology In Morbidly Obese IndividualsCazzo; E.; Jimenez; L. S.; Pareja; J. C.; Chaim; E. A.-Resumo
2016Impact Of Roux-en-y-gastric Bypass On Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Assessed By Means Of The Nafld Fibrosis Score: A Prospective StudyCazzo; E.; Jimenez; L. S.; Pareja; J. C.; Chaim; E. A.-Resumo
2016Genetic Diversity Among Air Yam (dioscorea Bulbifera) Varieties Based On Single Sequence Repeat MarkersSilva; D. M.; Siqueira; M. V. B. M.; Carrasco; N. F.; Mantello; C. C.; Nascimento; W. F.; Veasey; E. A.-Artigo
2016Alcohol Intake May Impair Bone Density And New Cementum Formation After Enamel Matrix Derivative Treatment: Histometric Study In RatsCorrea; M. G.; Gomes Campos; M. L.; Marques; M. R.; Ambrosano; G. M. B.; Casati; M. Z.; Nociti; F. H.; Jr.; Sallum; E. A.-Artigo de periódico
2015Ethanol Precipitation Of Glycosyl Hydrolases Produced By Trichoderma Harzianum P49p11Marino; M. A.; Freitas; S.; Miranda; E. A.-Artigo de periódico
2015Effects Of Ethanol Consumption And Alcohol Detoxification On The Biomechanics And Morphology The Bone In Rat FemursGarcia; J. A. D.; Souza; A. L. T.; Cruz; L. H. C.; Marques; P. P.; Camilli; A.; Nakagaki; W. R.; Esteves; A.; Rossi-Junior; W. C.; Fernandes; G. J. M.; Guerr; F. D.; Soares; E. A.-Artigo de periódico
2015Chemical Equilibrium Of Ion Exchange In The Binary Mixture Cu2+ And Ca2+ In Calcium Alginateda Silva; M. G. C.; Canevesi; R. L. S.; Welter; R. A.; Vieira; M. G. A.; da Silva; E. A.-Artigo de periódico