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2009Chicken Dapper Genes Are Versatile Markers For Mesodermal Tissues, Embryonic Muscle Stem Cells, Neural Crest Cells, And Neurogenic Placodes.Alvares, Lúcia Elvira; Winterbottom, Farrah Leigh; Jorge, Erika Cristina; Rodrigues Sobreira, Débora; Xavier-Neto, José; Schubert, Frank Richard; Dietrich, Susanne-Artigo de periódico
2014Evolutionarily Conserved Morphogenetic Movements At The Vertebrate Head-trunk Interface Coordinate The Transport And Assembly Of Hypopharyngeal Structures.Lours-Calet, Corinne; Alvares, Lucia E; El-Hanfy, Amira S; Gandesha, Saniel; Walters, Esther H; Sobreira, Débora Rodrigues; Wotton, Karl R; Jorge, Erika C; Lawson, Jennifer A; Kelsey Lewis, A; Tada, Masazumi; Sharpe, Colin; Kardon, Gabrielle; Dietrich, Susanne-Artigo de periódico
2009An Evolutionarily Conserved Myostatin Proximal Promoter/enhancer Confers Basal Levels Of Transcription And Spatial Specificity In Vivo.Grade, Carla Vermeulen Carvalho; Salerno, Mônica Senna; Schubert, Frank R; Dietrich, Susanne; Alvares, Lúcia Elvira-Artigo de periódico
2014Evolutionarily conserved morphogenetic movements at the vertebrate head-trunk interface coordinate the transport and assembly of hypopharyngeal structuresLours-Calet, Corinne; Alvares, Lucia E.; El-Hanfy, Amira S.; Gandesha, Saniel; Walters, Esther H.; Sobreira, Debora Rodrigues; Wotton, Karl R.; Jorge, Erika C.; Lawson, Jennifer A.; Lewis, A. Kelsey; Tada, Masazumi; Sharpe, Colin; Kardon, Gabrielle; Dietrich, Susanne-Artigo