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1991Comparison Of Local Signs And Symptoms After The Insertion Of Norplant® Implants With And Without A ScalpelDiaz J.; Rubin J.; Faundes A.; Diaz M.; Bahamondes L.-Artigo de periódico
1982Randomized Clinical Study Of The T-cu 380a And The Lippes Loop C, In Campinas, BrazilDiaz J.; Diaz M.M.; Pastene L.; Araki R.; Faundes A.-Artigo de periódico
1994Clinical Performance Of The Copper T200b Iud After Reinsertion Following Life-span ExpirationDiaz J.; Bahamondes L.; Marchi N.M.; Petta C.A.; Diaz M.; Faundes D.-Artigo de periódico
1992Evaluation Of The Performance Of The Copper T380a Iud Up To Ten Years. Is This Iud A Reversible But Potentially Permanent Method?Diaz J.; Bahamondes L.; Diaz M.; Marchi N.; Faundes A.; Marini M.-Artigo de periódico
1997Introductory Study Of The Once-a-month, Injectable Contraceptive Cyclofem® In Brazil, Chile, Colombia, And PeruHall P.; Bahamondes L.; Diaz J.; Petta C.-Artigo de periódico
1996Bleeding Complaints During The First Year Of Norplant® Implants Use And Their Impact On Removal RateDiaz J.; Faundes A.; Olmos P.; Diaz M.-Artigo de periódico
1995Medroxyprogesterone Acetate As Injectable Contraceptive: Its Effects On Weight And Blood Pressure [injetavel Trimestral De Acao Prolongada Como Anticoncepcional: Efeitos Sobre O Peso Corporal E A Pressao Arterial]Da Costa-Paiva L.H.S.; Neto A.M.P.; Diaz J.; De Souza M.H.; Delgallo W.D.; Maldonado C.M.-Artigo de periódico
2000Acceptability And Performance Of The Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine System (mirena(®)) In Campinas, BrazilDiaz J.; Bahamondes L.; Monteiro I.; Petta C.; Hildalgo M.M.; Arce X.E.-Artigo de periódico