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2011Lead deposition in bovine enamel during a pH-cycling regimen simulating the caries processMolina, G. F.; Costa de Almeida, G. R.; De Souza Guerra, C.; Cury, J. A.; De Almeida, A. P.; Barroso, R. C.; Gerlach, R. F.-Artigo
2003Effects of fluoride and aluminum from ionomeric materials on s. mutans biofilmHayacibara, M. F.; Rosa, O. P. S.; Koo, H.; Torres, S. A.; Costa, B.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2008Effect of starch and sucrose on dental biofilm formation and on root dentine demineralizationAires, C. P.; Cury, A. A. D. B.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Klein, M. I.; Koo, H.; Duarte, S.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
1993In situ anticariogenic potential of glass ionomer cementBenelli, E. M.; Serra, M. C.; Rodrigues, A. L.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Fluoride gastrointestinal absorption from Na2FPO3/CaCO3- and NaF/SiO2-based toothpastesFalcão, A.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Acidulated phosphate fluoride application changes the protein composition of human acquired enamel pellicleMasson, N.; Domingues, R. R.; Cury, J. A.; Leme, A. F. P.-Artigo
2008Prospective study of the association between fluoride intake and dental fluorosis in permanent teethMartins, C. C.; Paiva, S. M.; Lima-Arsati, Y. B.; Ramos-Jorge, M. L.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2008Effects of sucrose on the extracellular matrix of plaque-like biofilm formed in vivo, studied by proteomic analysisPaes Leme, A. F.; Bellato, C. M.; Bedi, G.; Cury, A. A. Del Bel; Koo, H.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2006Effect of sucrose on the selection of mutans streptococci and lactobacilli in dental biofilm formed in situTenuta, L. M. A.; Ricomini Filho, A. P.; Del Bel Cury, A. A.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
1991Efeito do diazepam na secreção salivar e na atividade metabólica da glândula submandibular de ratosSilva, F. A.; Cury, J. A.; Silva, W. A. B-Artigo
1992Efeitos da radiação X sobre a enzima glucose 6-fosfato desidrogenase (G6PD) em cristalinos de ratosCury, J. A.; Di Hipolito, O.-Artigo
1981The demineralizing efficiency of EDTA solutions on dentin. 1. Influence of pHCury, J. A.; Bragotto, C.; Valdrighi, L.-Artigo
2009Cariogenic potential of cows', human and infant formula milks and effect of fluoride supplementationPeres, R. C. R.; Coppi, L. C.; Volpato, M. C.; Groppo, F. C.; Cury, J. A.; Rosalen, P. L.-Artigo
2013Fluoride content in toothpastes commercialized for children in Chile and discussion on professional recommendations of useGiacaman, R. A.; Carrera, C. A.; Munoz-Sandoval, C.; Fernandez, C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2013Estimated fluoride doses from toothpastes should be based on total soluble fluorideOliveira, M. J. L.; Martins, C. C.; Paiva, S. M.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2005Effects of Mikania genus plants on growth and cell adherence of mutans streptococciYatsuda, R.; Rosalen, P. L.; Cury, J. A.; Murata, R. M.; Rehder, V. L. G.; Melo, L. V.; Koo, H.-Artigo
1999Fluoride release from some dental materials in different solutionsCarvalho, A. S.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
1996Fluoride release from fluoride-containing materialsde Araujo, F. B.; García-Godoy, F.; Cury, J. A.; Conceição, E. N.-Artigo
2004Simultaneous release of fluoride and aluminum from dental materials in various immersion mediaHayacibara, M. F.; Ambrosano, G. M. B.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2001In vitro evaluation of secondary caries development in enamel and root dentin around luted metallic restorationShinkai, R. S.; Cury, A. A. D. B.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo