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2017Ohmic heating in dairy processing: relevant aspects for safety and qualityCappato, L. P.; Ferreira, M. V. S.; Guimaraes, J. T.; Portela, J. B.; Costa, A. L. R.; Freitas, M. Q.; Cunha, R. L.; Oliveira, C. A. F.; Mercali, G. D.; Marzack, L. D. F.; Cruz, A. G.-Artigo
2020The stabilizing effect of cellulose crystals in O/W emulsions obtained by ultrasound processMeirelles, A. A. D.; Costa, A. L. R.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
1-Mar-2006The effects of sucrose on the mechanical properties of acid milk proteins-kappa-carrageenan gelsSabadini, E.; Hubinger, M. D.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo de periódico
2020Cellulose nanocrystals from ultrasound process stabilizing O/W pickering emulsionMeirelles, A. A. D.; Costa, A. L. R.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2020Rheology and soft tribology of thickened dispersions aiming the development of oropharyngeal dysphagia-oriented productsVieira, J. M.; Oliveira Jr., F. D.; Salvaro, D. B.; Maffezzolli, G. P.; Mello, J. D.; Vicente, A. A.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2020Ultrasound stabilization of raw milk: microbial and enzymatic inactivation, physicochemical properties and kinetic stabilityScudino, H.; Silva, E. K.; Gomes, A.; Guimarães, J. T.; Cunha, R. L.; Sant'Ana, A. S.; Meireles, M. A. A.; Cruz, A. G.-Artigo
2020Perspective on oleogelator mixtures, structure design and behaviour towards digestibility of oleogelsOkuro, P. K.; Martins, A. J.; Vicente, A. A.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
201Banana starch nanocomposite with cellulose nanofibers isolated from banana peel by enzymatic treatment : in vitro cytotoxicity assessmentTibolla, H.; Pelissari, F. M.; Martins, J. T.; Lanzoni, E. M.; Vicente, A. A.; Menegalli, F. C.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2019Effect of extraction temperature on rheological behavior and antioxidant capacity of flaxseed gumVieira, J. M.; Mantovani, R. A.; Raposo, M. F. J.; Coimbra, M. A.; Vicente, A. A.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2020Starch-based nanocomposites with cellulose nanofibers obtained from chemical and mechanical treatmentsTibolla, H.; Czaikoski, A.; Pelissari, F. M.; Menegalli, F. C.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2020Impact of whey protein/surfactant mixture and oil type on the gastrointestinal fate of emulsions: ingredient engineeringGomes, A.; Costa, A. L. R.; Cardoso, D. D.; Furtado, G. D. F.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2020Characterization of enriched meat-based pâté manufactured with oleogels as fat substitutesMartins, A. J.; Lorenzo, J. M.; Franco, D.; Pateiro, M.; Domínguez, R.; Munekata, P. E. S.; Pastrana, L. M.; Vicente, A. A.; Cunha, R. L.; Cerqueira, M.A.-Artigo
2015Synergistic functionality of soybean 7S and 11S fractions in oil-in-water emulsions: effect of protein heat treatmentPerrechil, F. A.; Ramos, V. A.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2014Emulsifying properties of Maillard conjugates produced from sodium caseinate and locust bean gumPerrechil, F. A.; Santana, R. C.; Lima, D. B.; Polastro, M. Z.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2015Designing food structure using microfluidicsUshikubo, F. Y.; Oliveira, D. R. B.; Michelon, M.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2014Influence of organic acids on surfactant self-assemblies in surfactant/oil/water systemsFasolin, L. H.; Santana, R. C.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2014Y- and T-junction microfluidic devices: effect of fluids and interface properties and operating conditionsUshikubo, F. Y.; Birribilli, F. S.; Oliveira, D. R. B.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo
2016Effect of incorporation of antioxidants on the chemical, rheological, and sensory properties of probiotic petit suisse cheesePereira, E. P. R.; Cavalcanti, R. N.; Esmerino, E. A.; Silva, R.; Guerreiro, L. R. M.; Cunha, R. L.; Bolini, H. M. A.; Meireles, M. A.; Faria, J. A. F.; Cruz, A. G.-Artigo
2013Development of probiotic dairy beverages: rheological properties and application of mathematical models in sensory evaluationCastro, W. F.; Cruz, A. G.; Bisinotto, M. S.; Guerreiro, L. M. R.; Faria, J. A. F.; Bolini, H. M. A.; Cunha, R. L.; Deliza, R.-Artigo
2015Cross-linking proteins by laccase: effects on the droplet size and rheologyof emulsions stabilized by sodium caseinateSato, A. C. K.; Perrechil, F. A.; Costa, A. A. S.; Santana, R. C.; Cunha, R. L.-Artigo