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2016Rapid, Broadband Spectroscopic Temperature Measurement Of Co2 Using Vipa SpectroscopyKlose, Andrew; Ycas, Gabriel; Cruz, Flavio C.; Maser, Daniel L.; Diddams, Scott A.-Artigo
2014Line intensity measurements of methane’s ν3-band using a cw-OPOMoreno, Marco P.; Cadoret, Malo; Jahjah, Mohammad; Nguyen, Linh; Cruz, Flavio C.; Zondy, Jean-Jacques-Artigo
2015Mid-infrared optical frequency combs based on difference frequency generation for molecular spectroscopyCruz, Flavio C.; Maser, Daniel L.; Johnson, Todd; Ycas, Gabriel; Klose, Andrew; Giorgetta, Fabrizio R.; Coddington, Ian; Diddams, Scott A.-Artigo
2007Coherent quantum engineering of free-space laser coolingDunn, Josh W.; Thomsen, J. W.; Greene, Chris H.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2008Optical frequency combs generated by four-wave mixing in optical fibers for astrophysical spectrometer calibration and metrologyCruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2006Tapered semiconductor amplifiers for optical frequency combs in the near infraredCruz, Flavio C.; Stowe, Matthew; Ye, Jun-Artigo
2013Temperature limits in laser cooling of free atoms with three-level cascade transitionsCruz, Flavio C.; Sundheimer, Michael L.; Magno, Wictor C.-Artigo
2006High resolution atomic coherent control via spectral phase manipulation of an optical frequency combStowe, Matthew C.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Marian, Adela; Ye, Jun-Artigo
1998Diode-pumped Nd : FAP laser at 1.126 mu m: a possible local oscillator for a Hg(+) optical frequency standardCruz, Flavio C.; Young, Brenton C.; Bergquist, James C.-Artigo
2016Tunable Resolution Terahertz Dual Frequency Comb SpectrometerVieira, Francisco S.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Plusquellic, David F.; Diddams, Scott A.-Artigo
2002Frequency doubled and stabilized all-solid-state Ti : sapphire lasersOnisto, Haroldo J.; Cavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2008Optogalvanic detection of velocity-selective optical pumping in an open, cascade atomic mediumAraujo, Luís E.E. de; Carvalho, Silvânia A.; Cruz, Luciano S.; Soares, A.A.; Mirage, Armando; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2010Broadband second harmonic generation of an optical frequency comb produced by four-wave mixing in highly nonlinear fibersCruz, Flavio C.; Marconi, Jorge D.; Sodré Jr, Arismar Cerqueira; Fragnito, Hugo L.-Artigo
2002CHD2OH optically pumped by a waveguide CO2 laser: new far-infrared laser lines from the CD2 wagging vibrational modeViscovini, Ronaldo Celso; Cruz, Flavio C.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel-Artigo
2003Deceleration, trapping, and two-photon cooling of calcium atomsCavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Magno, Wictor C.; Manoel, Daniela A.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2003Two-photon doppler cooling of alkaline-earth-metal and ytterbium atomsMagno, Wictor C.; Cavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2006Efficient 1 GHz Ti : sapphire laser with improved broadband continuum in the infraredNogueira, Giovana T.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2004Single-frequency blue light source based on optically injected diode lasersManoel, Daniela de A.; Figueira, David S. L.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Pereira, Daniel-Artigo
2003Calcium magneto-optical trap loaded from a decelerated atomic beamCavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Manoel, Daniela A.; Ortega, Davi R.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2008Broadband 2.12 GHz Ti : sapphire laser compressed to 5.9 femtoseconds using MIIPSNogueira, Giovana T.; Xu, Bingwei; Coelho, Yves; Dantus, Marcos; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo