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1995On The Behaviour Of The Total Cross Section At Superhigh Energies From Cosmic-ray DataBellandi J.; Covolan R.J.M.; Godoi A.L.-Artigo de periódico
1996Geometrical Approach For Diffractive Dissociation Processes At High EnergiesCovolan R.J.M.; Montanha J.-Artigo de periódico
1994Energy Spectra Of Charged Hadronic And Muonic Cascades In AtmosphereBellandi J.; Costa C.G.S.; Covolan R.J.M.; Dobrigkeit C.; Mundim L.M.; Salles da Costa C.A.B.-Artigo de periódico
2009Eeg Spike Source Localization Before And After Surgery For Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Bold Eeg-fmri And Independentcomponent Analysis StudySercheli M.S.; Bilevicius E.; Alessio A.; Ozelo H.; Pereira F.R.S.; Rondina J.M.; Cendes F.; Covolan R.J.M.-Artigo de periódico
2014Pattern Changes Of Eeg Oscillations And Bold Signals Associated With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy As Revealed By A Working Memory TaskOzelo H.F.B.; Alessio A.; Sercheli M.S.; Bilevicius E.; Pedro T.; Pereira F.R.S.; Rondina J.M.; Damasceno B.P.; Cendes F.; Covolan R.J.M.-Artigo de periódico
2004Improvement Of A Pre-existing Hemiparesis After Surgical Resection Of An Epileptogenic Lesion In The Central AreaYasuda C.L.; Rio P.A.; Pereira F.R.; Modenese F.; Tedeschi H.; De Oliveira E.; Covolan R.J.M.; Li L.M.; Cendes F.-Artigo de periódico
1997Description Of Inclusive Meson Spectra In E+e- Annihilation Reactions By A Quark Cascade ModelBatista M.; Bellandi J.; Covolan R.J.M.-Artigo de periódico
1993Pomeron And Odderon At High EnergiesCovolan R.J.M.; Desgrolard P.; Giffon M.; Jenkovszky L.L.; Predazzi E.-Artigo de periódico
1989An Attempt To Extract Semi-hard Qcd Effects From P {mathematical Expression} Elastic Scattering DataFo J.B.; Covolan R.J.M.; de Deus J.D.; de Padua A.B.-Artigo de periódico
1992On The Question Of The Energy Dependence Of InelasticityBellandi J.; Covolan R.J.M.; Dobrigkeit C.; Costa C.G.S.; Mundim L.M.; Dias de Deus J.-Artigo de periódico
1991On The Behaviour Of Inelasticity At Very High EnergyBellandi Fo. J.; Covolan R.J.M.; Dobrigkeit C.; Costa C.G.S.; Mundim L.M.; de Deus J.D.-Artigo de periódico
1992Three-dimensional Nucleonic Cascade Induced By One Single Nucleon In The AtmosphereBellandi J.; Covolan R.J.M.; Dobrigkeit C.; Costa C.G.S.; Mundim L.M.-Artigo de periódico
1992The Pomeron VindicatedCovolan R.J.M.; Desgrolard P.; Giffon M.; Predazzi E.-Artigo de periódico
1999Analysis Of The Diffractive Production Of Ws And Dijets At The Desy Hera And Fermilab Tevatron CollidersCovolan R.J.M.; Scares M.S.-Artigo de periódico
1999Leading Particle Effect, Inelasticity, And The Connection Between Average Multiplicities In E+e- And Pp ProcessesBatista M.; Covolan R.J.M.-Artigo de periódico
2002Regge Analysis Of Diffractive And Leading Baryon Structure Functions From Deep Inelastic ScatteringBatista M.; Covolan R.J.M.; Montanha J.-Artigo de periódico