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1-Jun-2009EEG spike source localization before and after surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy: a BOLD EEG-fMRI and independent component analysis studySercheli, M.S.; Bilevicius, E.; Alessio, A.; Ozelo, H.; Pereira, F.R.S.; Rondina, J.M.; Cendes, F.; Covolan, R.J.M.-Artigo de periódico
12-Apr-2013Effect of scanner acoustic background noise on strict resting-state fMRIRondinoni, C.; Amaro Jr, E.; Cendes, F.; Santos, A.C.dos; Salmon, C.E.G.-Artigo de periódico
13-Aug-2013Thalamic metabolic abnormalities in patients with Huntington's disease measured by magnetic resonance spectroscopyCasseb, R.F.; D'Abreu, A.; Ruocco, H.H.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Cendes, F.; Castellano, G.-Artigo de periódico
1-Mar-2005The importance of accurate anatomic assessment for the volumetric analysis of the amygdalaBonilha, L.; Kobayashi, E.; Cendes, F.; Li, L.M.-Artigo de periódico
1-Aug-2006Striatal and extrastriatal atrophy in Huntington's disease and its relationship with length of the CAG repeatRuocco, H.H.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Li, L.M.; Santos-Silva, M.; Cendes, F.-Artigo de periódico
1-Feb-2011Classification of brain tumor extracts by high resolution ¹H MRS using partial least squares discriminant analysisFaria, A.V.; Macedo Jr., F.C.; Marsaioli, A.J.; Ferreira, M.M.C.; Cendes, F.-Artigo de periódico
2019Developmental and neurodegenerative damage in Friedreich's ataxiaRezende, T. J. R.; Martinez, A. R. M.; Faber, I.; Girotto Takazaki, K. A.; Martins, M. P.; de Lima, F. D.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Cendes, F.; Franca, M. C.-Artigo
2014Voxel-based morphometry and intellectual assessment in patients with congenital bilateral perisylvian syndromeYasuda, C. L.; Guimaraes, C. A.; Guerreiro, M. M.; Boscariol, M.; Oliveira, E. P. M.; Teixeira, K. C.; Costa, A. L. F.; Beltramini, G. C.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2003Outcome of surgical treatment in familial mesial temporal lobe epilepsyKobayashi, E.; Dubeau, F.; Guerreiro, C.A.M.; Andermann, E.; D'Agostino, M.D.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Queiroz, L.S.; Andermann, F.; Olivier, A.; Cendes, F.; Schenka, A.A.-Artigo
2019Patterns of default mode network in temporal lobe epilepsy with and without hippocampal sclerosisZanão, T.A.; Lopes, T.M.; de Campos, B.M.; Yasuda, C.L.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2019Intermittent perilesional edema and contrast enhancement in epilepsy with calcified neurocysticercosis may help to identify the seizure focusJama-António, J.M.C.; Yasuda, C.L.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2004Texture analysis of medical imagesCastellano, G.; Bonilha, L.; Li, L. M.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2014Longitudinal analysis of hippocampal T2 relaxometry in FMTLESuemitsu, L. A. Y.; Yasuda, C. L.; Morita, M. E.; Beltramini, G. C.; Coan, A. C.; Bergo, F.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2014Distinct functional and structural MRI abnormalities in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with and without hippocampal sclerosisCoan, A. C.; Campos, B. M.; Beltramini, G. C.; Yasuda, C. L.; Covolan, R. J. M.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
2015Cerebral cortex involvement in Machado-Joseph diseaseRezende, T. J. R. de; D'Abreu, A.; Guimarães, R. P.; Lopes, T. M.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Cendes, F.; Castellano, G.; França Jr., M. C.-Artigo
2015White matter abnormalities associate with type and localization of focal epileptogenic lesionsCampos, B. M.; Coan, A. C.; Beltramini, G. C.; Liu, M.; Yassuda, C. L.; Ghizoni, E.; Beaulieu, C.; Gross, D. W.; Cendes, F.-Artigo
20151H-MRS in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with and without hippocampal atrophyPimentel, L. R.; Casseb, R. F.; Barbosa, R.; Koutsodontis, M. M. A.; Castellano, G.; Cendes, F.-Outros documentos
2016EEG-fMRI in the presurgical evaluation of temporal lobe epilepsyCoan, A. C.; Chaudhary, U. J.; Grouiller, F.; Campos, B. M.; Perani, S.; De Ciantis, A.; Vulliemoz, S.; Diehl, B.; Beltramini, G. C.; Carmichael, D. W.; Thornton, R. C.; Covolan, R. J.; Cendes, F.; Lemieux, L.-Artigo
2015Distinct regulation of hypothalamic and brown/beige adipose tissue activities in human obesityRachid, B.; van de Sande-Lee, S.; Rodovalho, S.; Folli, F.; Beltramini, G. C.; Morari, J.; Amorim, B. J.; Pedro, T.; Ramalho, A. F.; Bombassaro, B.; Tincani, A. J.; Chaim, E.; Pareja, J. C.; Geloneze, B.; Ramos, C. D.; Cendes, F.; Saad, M. J. A.; Velloso, L. A.-Artigo
2008Congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome: familial occurrence, clinical and psycholinguistic aspects correlated with MRIBrandao-Almeida, I. L.; Hage, S. R. V.; Oliveira, E. R. M.; Guimaraes, C. A.; Teixeira, K. C. S.; Abramides, D. V. M.; Montenegro, M. A.; Santos, N. F.; Cendes, F.; Lopes-Cendes, I.; Guerreiro, M. M.-Artigo