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2002Light And Scanning Electron Microscopy Of Myxobolus Porofilus Sp. N. (myxosporea: Myxobolidae) Infecting The Visceral Cavity Of Prochilodus Lineatus (pisces: Characiformes: Prochilodontidae) Cultivated In Brazil.Adriano, Edson A; Arana, Sarah; Ceccarelli, Paulo S; Cordeiro, Nelson S-Artigo de periódico
2010Phylogeny, Ultrastructure, Histopathology And Prevalence Of Myxobolus Oliveirai Sp. Nov., A Parasite Of Brycon Hilarii (characidae) In The Pantanal Wetland, Brazil.Milanin, Tiago; Eiras, Jorge C; Arana, Sarah; Maia, Antônio A M; Alves, Anderson L; Silva, Márcia R M; Carriero, Mateus M; Ceccarelli, Paulo S; Adriano, Edson A-Artigo de periódico
2014Behavioral Changes Caused By Austrodiplostomum Spp. In Hoplias Malabaricus From The São Francisco River, Brazil.Corrêa, Lincoln L; Souza, Geza T R; Takemoto, Ricardo M; Ceccarelli, Paulo S; Adriano, Edson A-Artigo de periódico
2013Hematological Alterations Caused By High Intensity Of L3 Larvae Of Contracaecum Sp Railliet & Henry, 1912 (nematoda, Anisakidae) In The Stomach Of Hoplias Malabaricus In Lakes In Pirassununga, São Paulo.Corrêa, Lincoln L; Karling, Letícia C; Takemoto, Ricardo M; Ceccarelli, Paulo S; Ueta, Marlene T-Artigo de periódico
2012Morphology And Host-parasite Interaction Of Henneguya Azevedoi N. Sp., Parasite Of Gills Of Leporinus Obtusidens From Mogi-guaçu River, Brazil.Barassa, Bianca; Adriano, Edson A; Cordeiro, Nelson S; Arana, Sarah; Ceccarelli, Paulo S-Artigo de periódico