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2011Effect Of Different Light-curing Modes On Degree Of Conversion, Staining Susceptibility And Stain's Retention Using Different Beverages In A Nanofilled Composite Resin.Aguiar, Flávio Henrique Baggio; Georgetto, Matheus Henrique; Soares, Giulliana Panfiglio; Catelan, Anderson; Dos Santos, Paulo Henrique; Ambrosano, Glaucia Maria Bovi; Figueroba, Sidney Raimundo; Lovadino, José Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2016Effect of surface conditioning methods, adhesive systems and resin composite on repair strength of dimethacrylate and silorane resin compositesLima, Adriano Fonseca; Leite, Thatiana de Vicente; Palialol, Alan Muniz; Catelan, Anderson; Baggio Aguiar, Flavio Henrique; Marchi, Giselle Maria; Yuzbasioglu, Emir; Ozcan, Mutlu-Artigo
2014Radiant exposure effects on physical properties of methacrylate - and silorane-compositesCatelan, Anderson; Kawano, Yoshio; Santos, Paulo Henrique dos; Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria Bovi; Bedran-Russo, Ana Karina; Aguiar, Flávio Henrique Baggio-Artigo
2015Impact of the distance of light curing on the degree of conversion and microhardness of a composite resinCatelan, Anderson; Araújo, Larissa Sgarbosa Napoleão de; Silveira, Bruna Cilene Martins da; Kawano, Yoshio; Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria Bovi; Marchi, Giselle Maria; Aguiar, Flávio Henrique Baggio-Artigo
2015Fluorescence intensity of composite layering combined with surface sealant submitted to staining solutionsCatelan, Anderson; Guedes, Ana Paula Albuquerque; Suzuki, Thaís Yumi Umeda; Takahashi, Marcos Kenzo; Souza, Evelise Machado de; Briso, André Luiz Fraga; Santos, Paulo Henrique dos-Artigo
2015Effect of thermocycling on roughness of nanofill, microfill and microhybrid compositesDos Santos, Paulo Henrique; Catelan, Anderson; Albuquerque Guedes, Ana Paula; Umeda Suzuki, Thais Yumi; De Lima Godas, Andre Gustavo; Fraga Briso, Andre Luiz; Bedran-Russo, Ana Karina-Artigo
2015Effect of 7.5% hydrogen peroxide containing remineralizing agents on hardness, color change, roughness and micromorphology of human enamelSasaki, Robson Tetsuo; Catelan, Anderson; dos Santos Bertoldo, Carlos Eduardo; Venâncio, Paulo César; Groppo, Francisco Carlos; Bovi Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria; Marchi, Giselle M.; Nunes Leite Lima, Débora Alves; Baggio Aguiar, Flávio Henrique-Artigo
2014Impact of light-curing time and aging on dentin bond strength of methacrylate- and silorane-based restorative systemsCatelan, Anderson; Soares, Giulliana Panfiglio; Bedran-Russo, Ana Karina; Lima, Débora Alves Nunes Leite; Marchi, Giselle Maria; Aguiar, Flávio Henrique Baggio-Artigo