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2006Targeted Disruption Of Inos Prevents Lps-induced S-nitrosation Of Irbeta/irs-1 And Akt And Insulin Resistance In Muscle Of Mice.Carvalho-Filho, Marco A; Ueno, Mirian; Carvalheira, José B C; Velloso, Lício A; Saad, Mario J A-Artigo de periódico
2005S-nitrosation Of The Insulin Receptor, Insulin Receptor Substrate 1, And Protein Kinase B/akt: A Novel Mechanism Of Insulin Resistance.Carvalho-Filho, Marco A; Ueno, Mirian; Hirabara, Sandro M; Seabra, Amedea B; Carvalheira, José B C; de Oliveira, Marcelo G; Velloso, Lício A; Curi, Rui; Saad, Mario J A-Artigo de periódico
2013A Simplified Ultrasound-based Edema Score To Assess Lung Injury And Clinical Severity In Septic Patients.Santos, Thiago M; Franci, Daniel; Coutinho, Carolina M G; Ribeiro, Diego L; Schweller, Marcelo; Matos-Souza, José R; Carvalho-Filho, Marco A-Artigo de periódico
2009Translational Research Into Gut Microbiota: New Horizons In Obesity Treatment.Tsukumo, Daniela M; Carvalho, Bruno M; Carvalho-Filho, Marco A; Saad, Mário J A-Artigo de periódico
2008Acute Physical Exercise Reverses S-nitrosation Of The Insulin Receptor, Insulin Receptor Substrate 1 And Protein Kinase B/akt In Diet-induced Obese Wistar Rats.Pauli, José R; Ropelle, Eduardo R; Cintra, Dennys E; Carvalho-Filho, Marco A; Moraes, Juliana C; De Souza, Cláudio T; Velloso, Lício A; Carvalheira, José B C; Saad, Mario J A-Artigo de periódico