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2019Assessment of phase transition and thermal expansion coefficients by means of secondary multiple reflections of Renninger scansSantos, Adenilson O. dos; Lang, Rossan; Sasaki, Jose M.; Cardoso, Lisandro P.-Artigo
2018On the quantitative phase analysis and amorphous content of triacylglycerols materials by X-ray Rietveld methodCalligaris, Guilherme A.; Silva, Thais L. T. da; Ribeiro, Ana Paula B.; Santos, Adenilson O. dos; Cardoso, Lisandro P.-Artigo
2015Analysis of the crystallographic and magnetic structures of the Tb0.1Pr0.9Al2 and Tb0.25Pr0.75Al2 magnetocaloric compounds by means of neutron scatteringTedesco, Julio C. G.; Carvalho, Alexandre Magnus G.; Christensen, Niels Bech; Kockelmann, Winfried; Telling, Mark T. F.; Yokaichiya, Fabiano; Töebbens, Daniel M.; Simeoni, Giovanna G.; Cardoso, Lisandro P.; Coelho, Adelino A.; Bordallo, Heloisa N.-Artigo
2016Experimental Evidence Of Transition Between Dynamical And Kinematical Diffraction Regimes In Ion-implanted Si Observed Through X-ray Multiple-beam Diffraction MappingsCalligaris, Guilherme A.; Lang, Rossano; Bettini, Jefferson; Santos, Adenilson O. dos; Cardoso, Lisandro P.-Artigo
2014On the solid-liquid phase diagrams of binary mixtures of even saturated fatty alcohols: systems exhibiting peritectic reactionCarareto, Natalia D. D.; dos Santos, Adenilson O.; Rolemberg, Marlus P.; Cardoso, Lisandro P.; Costa, Mariana C.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.-Artigo
2018Phase equilibrium and physical properties of biobased ionic liquid mixturesHijo, Ariel A. C. Toledo; Maximo, Guilherme J.; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Fonseca, Felipe H. S.; Cardoso, Lisandro P.; Pereira, Jorge F. B.; Costa, Mariana C.; Batista, Eduardo A. C.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.-Artigo