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2019Assessment of agricultural biomass residues to replace fossil fuel and hydroelectric power energy : a spatial approachda Silva Romero, Cristhy Willy; Berni, Mauro Donizeti; Dantas Araujo Figueiredo, Gleyce Kelly; Franco, Telma Teixeira; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto-Artigo
2019Classification of crops, pastures, and tree plantations along the season with multi-sensor image time series in a subtropical agricultural regionMelo de Oliveira Santos, Cecilia Lira; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto; Dantas Araujo Figueiredo, Gleyce Kelly; Dupuy, Stephane; Boury, Julie; dos Santos Luciano, Ana Claudia; Torres, Ricardo da Silva; le Maire, Guerric-Artigo
2020Spatial modeling of techno-economic potential of biojet fuel production in BrazilCervi, Walter Rossi; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto; Abel Seabra, Joaquim Eugenio; Junginger, Martin; de Jong, Sierk; van der Hilst, Floor-Artigo
2017Mapping and evaluating sugarcane expansion in Brazil's savanna using MODIS and intensity analysis: a case-study from the state of TocantinsWachholz de Souza, Carlos Henrique; Cervi, Walter Rossi; Brown, J. Christopher; Rocha, Jansle Vieira; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto-Artigo
2017Mapping skips in sugarcane fields using object-based analysis of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagesWachholz de Souza, Carlos Henrique; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto; Rocha, Jansle Vieira; Graziano Magalhaes, Paulo Sergio-Artigo
2015Mapping and discrimination of soya bean and corn crops using spectro-temporal profiles of vegetation indicesWachholz de Souza, Carlos Henrique; Mercante, Erivelto; Johann, Jerry Adriani; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto; Uribe-Opazo, Miguel Angel-Artigo
2019Bioelectricity potential from ecologically available sugarcane straw in Brazil : a spatially explicit assessmentCervi, Walter Rossi; Camargo Lamparelli, Rubens Augusto; Abel Seabra, Joaquim Eugenio; Junginger, Martin; van der Hilst, Floor-Artigo